About Naturemedies UK

NatuRemedies specializes in the import of traditional remedies from Eastern Europe under E.U. and U.K. laws. We bring the only natural and approved remedies and food supplements. These are used for centuries in the countries where they are manufactured. We bring only new products in the UK, a great alternative for chemical medicines that are expensive and ineffective.

NatuRemedies cherishes the wellbeing of its customers. We distribute only quality supplements made with ingredients of the highest quality, using the latest non-invasive, mechanical technologies. We started by promoting Branca Ursului UK from Dacia Plant & other Romanian Supplements in the UK but expanded our offer to Europe & the USA. We are the first food shop to offer Napraznic Online, a useful supplement for the general use.

The labels of imported products are translated into English and on our website, and sometimes in the leaflets of products, according to the United Kingdom legislation and E.U. labelling directives. NatuRemedies brings products used safely and effectively in Eastern Europe, less known in the United Kingdom until now.


Registration Authority of most of our products: National Research – Development for Food Bioresources – IBA Bucharest – NATIONAL SERVICE FOR HERBAL PRODUCTS AND HIVES

The plants used are obtained from the own cultures of the manufacturers, or from local producers.
Nature holds the key to people’s health. This is what we believe and what we say to our clients and collaborators. We research the chemical composition of every plant and the way the active substances help in obtaining the positive effects on health. our producers created natural remedies that are complete and perfectly adapted to the human body.

We used our experience in delivering new food supplements to the Uk market and showing customers how to make the right choice. We aim to bring a new brand of food supplements in the UK from overseas whenever we find something legal and suited in terms of quality and trust.

We can give the best product prices for a large gamma of products as we buy wholesale and recommend only the best hemp oil. You can safely buy online with Naturemedies!

NatuRemedies Values

We are convinced that health is the natural state of the human body. Through the products that we offer, 100% natural, we want to help our clients to regain their natural resistance to diseases and to help them to find the equilibrium of health once more. Plants are true wonders for helping us to maintain our health, and this is why we dedicate them to our entire passion.

Keeping a clean mind and body allows us to rediscover the wonders that nature offers us with so much generosity. We want to re-connect people with nature and to rebuild the mysterious ways of life.


NatuRemedies distributes products manufactured by approved E.U. companies, mostly from Eastern Europe. The health systems of the Balkan countries are not as performing as NHS, so people there had to stay in contact with nature and to use what it has to treat common health problems. This way, traditional remedies remained important there. It is time for the English people to discover a part of this traditional medicine treasury in the UK, as an alternative or aid to modern chemical medicine.

Naturemedies is a web portal for natural remedies and food supplements, with two principal directions: to promote less known but fully approved UK supplements imported from the EU through its shop and to offer a comparison feature for local UK products.

OTC Products

We sell products classified as GSL and OTC under the next provision of the government:


General sale medicines

People can buy general sale medicine packs from retail outlets such as corner shops and supermarkets. The medicines—also called ‘general sales list (GSL) medicines’—are also available for self-selection in pharmacies. General sale medicines are taken for common, easily recognised ailments which usually last around 2–3 days. These medicines cause few troublesome side effects in normal use.

To reduce the chances of harm from inappropriate use, many general sale medicines packs contain only a few doses and they often carry advice to get help from a health professional if the ailment does not improve or gets worse. A general sale medicine may be advised for treating a limited range of conditions whereas the same medicine can be used for a wider range of conditions when it is sold as a pharmacy medicine and an even wider range of conditions when supplied on prescription. Prescription-only medicines and pharmacy medicines can be used at higher doses and for a longer duration than general sale medicines. Also, medicines in general sale packs may be used for only certain groups of people; for example, they may not be advised for use by children or during pregnancy.

Examples of general sale medicines include small packs of painkillers and of antihistamines for hay fever and other allergies.

Over-the-counter medicines

‘Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines’ covers all general sale medicines and pharmacy medicines. The description conveniently distinguishes medicines that can be bought from those that must be prescribed. The term ‘over the counter medicines’ is informal and is not used in the UK medicines regulations.

We advise our customers to take these products only after carefully reading the leaflets, and only with the recommendation of a GP.