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Datorita contextului international si in special al Brexit-ului, ne vedem nevoiti sa oprim livrarile catre majoritatea destinatiilor in EU, pentru ca nu dorim ca vizitatorii nostri de acolo sa trebuiasca taxele vamale cerute acum de aproape toate tarile din Europa.

Insa pentru ca nu dorim ca ai nostri clienti sa nu mai aiba acces la produsele cu care s-au obisnuit, am deschis, un site care si-a propus sa aduca suplimentele naturiste romanesti mai aproape de romanii din Europa si in special cei din Spania

Capsule & Tincturi Online Spania

Livrare Gratuita in Spania pentru comenzile in valoare de peste 50 Eur banner


Farmacia Romanilor din Spania

Farmacie Naturista Online Spania

Sursa ta de produse naturiste de acasa – Dacia Plant, Branca Ursului, Produse tip Plafar

FarmaciaRo.Es – Farmace de produse naturiste online in Spania. Naturemedies este un magazin de suplimente si produse bio de acasa cu sediul in Londra.
Magazinul nostru a aparut in 2016 in dorinta de a oferi suplimente de acasa romanilor din DIaspora. In acest sens, am analizat cerintele lor in fiecare tara unde putem onora comenzi.
Romanii din Spania cautau de multa vreme un magazin de tip plafar online. Din pacate, datorita transportului scump, a fost imposibil pana la un moment sa beneficiem de aceste prouse livrate de siturile online din Romania.

De Ce Naturemedies -Farmacia ta Verde Online in Italia

Oferim livrare gratuita pentru comenzi in valoare de peste 35£ in Italia. Mai mult, am analizat cerintele pietei si putem oferi produse bio online cautate de romanii de acolo.
De exemplu, am introduse suplimente pentru potenta care sunt foarte cautate de romani si italieni.
In plus, am adus suplimente de Naprazni, Ginseng & Branca Ursului. Acestea, in combinatie cu alte multivitamine si minerale pe care le oferim, pot deveni un aliat de nadejde in cura de slabire.

Capsule & Tincturi Naturiste Spania

Oferim numai suplimente fabricate de renumite branduri din Romania – Dacia Plant, Walmark Romania & Fares Orastie. Extractul de Mladite de Zmeur 50ml Dacia Plant este un alt supliment de succes intre clientii nostri din diaspora Spaniola.

De asemenea, oferim o larga gama de capsule Dacia Plant, incluzand Gynecomed si diverse suplimente pentru artita si balonare.
Suntem farmacia verde online cu cea mai vasta experienta, oferind capsule & tinturi pentru fertilitate inca din 2016!
Numai branduri in care ai incredere si garantia lucrului bine facut!
Orice comanda este trimisa in mai putin de o zi lucratoare de la primirea ei prin Puntopack. Va puteti astepta ca suplimentele dumneavoastra naturiste comandate de la noi sa fie livrate in mai putin de 4 zile de la efectuarea comenzii*
Oferim tincturi de Branca Ursului si Napraznic de 50 si 200ml, precum si Branca Ursului in diverse forme. Un alt produs cautat in Spania este Defumoxan.

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Carmol UK – Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu

carmol UK

Carmol UK is known for quite a while as a natural remedy against cold and flu. It is a combination of natural elements that are applied to the skin, having a warming effect and helping the medical treatments designed to cure cold and flu.

Carmol can be found from several manufacturers in the UK, but the most popular one is Biofarm. Besides the cutaneous solution offered by this Romanian manufacturer, UK consumers can find this product as capsules and in other forms.
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Natural Anxiety Remedies: The Effectiveness of Herbal and Other Supplements for Anxiety

Many people want to avoid the addictive benzodiazepines that are often used to treat severe anxiety. Unfortunately, herbal remedies on their own tend to be ineffective against panic attacks, though some have shown efficacy in treating the generalized anxiety and depression that often accompany the disorder.

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Benefit of Ginkgo Biloba – Ginkgo Supplements For Memory & Health


The ginkgo biloba extract is the number one prescribed “drug” in France. Ginkgo is neither a drug nor a vitamin, rather it is a herbal supplement derived from the ginkgo tree. Studies are showing more and more health benefits for ginkgo.

Ginko Biloba benefits
What is Ginkgo Biloba?

Ginkgo biloba is the Latin, or scientific name for the ginkgo tree also called maidenhair tree. One of the oldest existing tree species, the ginkgo tree dates back more than 200 million years. Individual trees have been known to live as long as 4,000 years.
Though similar to deciduous trees, the ginkgo is actually in a class of its own. Ginkgo trees are resistant to viruses, fungi, insects, pollution and radiation. They are distinguished by fan-shaped leaves, and male trees often have an unpleasant odour.

How Does Ginkgo Biloba Work?

Ginkgo is naturally rich in flavonoids, which are antioxidants that protect against heart disease, cancer and premature ageing. Ginkgo helps the vascular system by increasing blood flow. It inhibits a substance called platelet activation factor (PAF), which is involved in harmful biological processes such as asthma attacks, organ graft rejection and blood clots

Ginkgo and the Brain – Alzheimer’s, Memory Loss, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Anxiety, Depression, ADD

Ginkgo speeds up the process by which the brain uses glucose, which increases the blood blow to the brain and improves the brain’s use of acetylcholine. Studies show that doses of 120 mg. to 240 mg. increase alpha waves and decrease theta waves. In addition, ginkgo increases the efficiency of neurotransmitters and boosts oxygen levels in the brain.

German researchers studied adults with Alzheimer’s or mental debility caused by atherosclerosis. Just four weeks of ginkgo supplement reduced dementia, increased coping skills and relieved depression.
Ginkgo is also thought to improve concentration and mental sharpness in all healthy individuals over 50.

Ginkgo Sexual Benefits

The Journal of Urology reported a study in which 50 impotent men were given 250 mg. of ginkgo daily for nine months. Within eight weeks, erections were greatly improved. Another open clinical study found that 76 percent of men who had sexual problems caused by taking antidepressants recovered sexual function after four to six weeks of taking ginkgo supplements. Women taking antidepressants who received ginkgo therapy noted enhanced desire, excitement, orgasm and afterglow.

Other Ginkgo Health Benefits – Used for Tinnitus, Hearing Loss & More

Research has found that ginkgo can be effective for tinnitus (ringing in the ears) if treatment begins within six to eight weeks of onset. Ginkgo has also been used in clinical trials to treat sudden hearing loss. Up to 40 percent of subjects regained their hearing after ten days of treatment.

Although further research is required, ginkgo is also thought to be effective against the following conditions: cancer, eye disease, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, multiple sclerosis, intermittent claudication (leg cramps), asthma and varicose veins.

Ginkgo Side Effects and Considerations for Use

Ginkgo is only effective in supplement form, not as a homemade tea. Use commercially prepared 60 mg. tablets two to three times per day. Multiple smaller doses are more effective than taking a larger dose once per day.

Possible side effects include a mild headache, stomach upset and hypotension (low blood pressure), especially upon standing. There are isolated reports of bleeding under the skin. Talk with your doctor if you are taking blood thinners or anti-inflammatory painkillers or if you have a clotting disorder. Also, speak with your doctor before surgery, as ginkgo may need to be temporarily discontinued.

Do not take ginkgo if you are using MAO inhibitors, as this may cause seizures.

For anyone taking ginkgo, it’s a good idea to take a six-week “vacation” from ginkgo every six months.
This ancient tree, known for its fan-shaped leaves, has many health benefits. It has been proven helpful for the brain, for sexual function, tinnitus and hearing loss.

Bach Remedies to Beat the Blues: Feeling Down? Flower Remedies May Help Brighten Your Mood


Bach Flower remedies are a simple and amazing gift from nature that was discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. He believed that the remedies could help to heal physical symptoms by treating negative emotions and that all disease and distress is caused by emotional imbalances. There are a total of 38 remedies, but the following are six of the best for helping to treat negativity, depression, problems and pain, or feeling down and fed up. These floral remedies are known to alternative medicine for quite a while. Randomised clinical trials showed these remedies can bring emotional and psychical stability.

• White Chestnut – a rescue remedy made from the leaf of the chestnut tree, this remedy helps if you find it difficult to switch off or if you suffer from mental chatter and unwanted repetitive thoughts that stop you focusing on what you should be doing. White Chestnut will help replace the negative thoughts that are holding you back with positive ideas and will help calm mental overactivity.

Bach remedies

• Wild Rose – for those who tend to suffer from resignation and apathy and find themselves drifting through life without much joy and just accepting what life has to offer. Wild rose can help the person become more ambitious and add a little zest to life.

• Honeysuckle – for those who live in the past and find it hard to let go of past memories and events. This remedy can help the person move on and realise that there is plenty to look forward to in life without feeling constantly nostalgic.

• Clematis – for daydreamers who have no interest in the present and find themselves drifting into an imaginary world rather than dealing with everyday issues. This remedy will help the person become more focused and less withdrawn and absent-minded.

• Mustard – helpful if a person suddenly begins to experience feelings of depression and sadness for no apparent reason. Even though the person may realise they have many reasons to be happy they just cannot shake off the feelings of hopelessness and gloom; it’s like a dark cloud hanging over them. Mustard is a wonderful remedy for boosting the mood and helping to ease the feelings of despair.

• Star of Bethlehem – a comforting remedy that can help a person deal with feelings of loss or emptiness, making it an excellent choice when experiencing grief or delayed shock.

Taking the Remedies

Add two drops of your chosen remedy to a glass of water and sip throughout the day, or drip two drops directly onto the tongue from the remedy bottle. Up to five remedies can be used at a time (two drops of each) but it is important to remember to choose remedies relevant to emotions that are being experienced in the present moment, not in the past. Bach flower essences are known for years, and they are used by more and more people for different conditions. However, remember these are only food supplements so they cannot cure or treat any disease. Moreover, any food supplement treatment has to be approved by your GP.


Herbal Supplements for the Thyroid Gland


The thyroid gland is located in the throat and helps regulate many bodily hormonal functions, including normal skeletal growth and iodine levels in the blood. Patients who are currently suffering from or receiving treatment for a thyroid disorder and would like to consider an alternative to prescription medication can benefit from taking a herbal supplement. Available in most supermarkets and local drug stores in an over-the-counter capacity, many of these herbs are safe to take on a daily basis due to the low number of side effects and adverse reactions associated with each. Prior to starting herbal treatment, however, patients should first seek clearance from your medical doctor.

Thyroid Gland

Herbal Supplements for the Thyroid Gland


According to the University of Michigan Health System, bladderwrack has been found to be effective in the treatment of thyroid-related disorders of Thyroid Gland. Derived from a brown seaweed bearing the same name, bladderwrack contains iodine as an active ingredient. Iodine, according to the university’s website, is the main chemical within the body that dictates thyroid functionality. A lower amount of iodine in the blood can cause hyperthyroidism; a higher amount of the chemical can cause hyperthyroidism, which can eventually lead to the development of an enlarged thyroid or goitre. Continued research on human subjects needs to be documented, however, in order to substantiate these medicinal claims and to obtain the correct herbal dosage for humans.


As the University of Michigan Health System states, many cases of thyroid disease are related to cardiac conditions like high blood cholesterol and other factors of cardiac health. As a result, the university suggests taking a herbal supplement known for its effects in lowering blood cholesterol, like garlic. Used most often as a cooking spice, garlic contains active ingredients that help limit the production of plaque development within veins and arteries which would otherwise increase blood pressure and cholesterol due to the heart’s need to work harder. Garlic also acts as an antioxidant, which can limit the blood’s tendency to develop internal blood clots which could become lodged in smaller arteries or blood vessels, ultimately leading to other medical conditions like stroke and heart attack.


As with other seaweed-based supplements, kelp contains iodine, which can be helpful in the treatment of thyroid disorders with Thyroid Gland. According to the University of Michigan Health System, kelp is high in both iodine and sea salt content, which can assist in improving iodine levels within the blood while lowering the risk of developing symptoms related to thyroid disorders, like a goitre.

Do L-Carnitine Supplements Really Help Burn Fat?


Television ads, billboard ads, and especially the supermarket are filled with these supplements with L-carnitine, claiming to help the consumer burn fat faster than ever. These brands even use really fit-looking models to promote their product, making the consumers believe the product’s promises. However, the big question still remains: do these L-carnitine supplements really work?

What is L-Carnitine?

Before the big question can be answered, it is important to understand what L-carnitine is. First and foremost, L-carnitine is an amino-acid synthesized in the liver and kidneys and plays a role in the metabolism of fat. When the body needs energy, it uses fat and carbohydrates as energy sources. What L-carnitine does is it aids in the release of fat in the bloodstream to be used for energy in order for the energy coming from carbohydrates be spared for heavier exertion (Spruytenburg). In the simplest terms, L-carnitine boosts stamina and endurance because it allows more fat to be burned for energy, which is the reason why it is packaged as a fat burner supplement.

L-Carnitine Supplements for Weight Loss?

Now that the basic information of L-carnitine is laid out, what does research say about it being used as a supplement? Quite frankly, there has been no scientific evidence that L-Carnitine supplementation improves exercise performance and weight loss (“Carnitine [L-carnitine]”). The only use of carnitine supplements is to treat carnitine deficiency. As Krabbe stated, L-carnitine is important in treating carnitine deficiency but unnecessary once it is already corrected.

In fact, healthy individuals exceed the daily recommended amount of L-carnitine because it can be easily obtained from eating meat and dairy products. Furthermore, a study done by M.H. Williams stated that L-carnitine is not effective in aiding endurance athletes. Also, in a study done by Vukovich, Costill & Fink, it stated that administration of L-carnitine was not absorbed by the body during submaximal exercise. This affirms what Krabbe said: once the deficiency is corrected, any more administration of L-carnitine will be excreted. Therefore, if a person does not have a condition that results in a deficiency in carnitine, any form of carnitine supplement is useless.

L-Carnitine Supplements are Unnecessary

There is no scientific evidence that proves that L-carnitine helps in improving exercise performance and weight loss that is promised by these products. In a well-balanced diet, an individual even exceeds the daily recommended amount of L-carnitine. Add to a balanced diet proper training and that already suffice in burning fat.

Natural Supplements for Gout


Gout is a form of arthritis that is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the joints. This causes pain in the joints, and the condition can be either acute or chronic. Acute gout affects only one joint, while chronic gout is more widespread. A simple way to help with gout and its symptoms, is to use natural supplements. Some natural supplements that have been shown to be effective include bromelain, selenium and MSM.

Bromelain and Selenium for Gout

Bromelain is an enzyme that occurs naturally in pineapple. Bromelain is used to relieve inflammation that is associated with many medical condition, and is often used for pain relief as well. In recent years, bromelain has become a common suggestion for gout sufferers, and has been shown to be very effective in helping to improve this condition and its symptoms. Bromelain can be taken by eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice, but works best when taken in higher dosages by taking bromelain supplements.
The powerful antioxidant known as selenium is often used in supplemental form to help with a large variety of medical conditions. Recently, selenium has been used to help patients that have been diagnosed with gout. Selenium works to relieve inflammation of the joints, and can also help to prevent attacks of gout.

MSM for Gout

MSM is a substance that is found naturally in green leafy vegetables, and is now available in supplements. MSM, which is short for methylsulfonylmethane, is often used to help relieve muscle pain, as well as inflammation. It has recently been shown very helpful for gout, and works well to help relieve pain that is associated with the condition. MSN is also available in lotions and creams which can be used to relieve pain by being massaged into the affected areas.

Although these natural supplements can be very beneficial for those with gout, they should never be used to replace anything that may have been prescribed by a doctor. They also should never be used to replace any diet or lifestyle changes that have been suggested by a medical professional.

Vitamin Supplements Facts


Eating nutritious and well balanced meals is a great way to reachn the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of nutrients our bodies need. But with today’s hectic lifestyles, we often find ourselves eating on the run, and we all know fast food is not a healthy choice. Most fast food products are fat and lack the necessary nutrients needed to stay healthy. It’s not surprising that most people rely on vitamin supplements to help fill the gaps.
Below are 7 nutrients most people fail to get enough of thru their diets alone:

fast food

1. Magnesium: low levels of magnesium have been associated with osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

2. Vitamin A: there are two types of vitamin A, carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, and retinol. Beta-carotene is essential for good eyes, healthy eye tissues and immunity.

3. Potassium: known to lower blood pressure. Potassium supports muscle and nerve function and also fertility. Potassium can be found in many foods, but sometimes it needs to be supplemented.

4. Vitamin E: an antioxidant, important to immunity. Vitamin E has what is considered healthy fat, mostly found in nuts and oils, and also peanut butter.
5. Calcium: most people know that calcium is good for strong bones, but calcium also helps maintain heart and muscle function, and even help prevent high blood pressure.
6. Fiber: helps bowel regularity and lower cholesterol. High fiber foods are filling and low in calories, which is great for people trying to lose weight.
7. Vitamin C: while vitamin c may not cure or prevent a common cold, studies show it does shorten the duration of symptoms associated with the common cold.
Supplementing our diets with vitamins assures us of getting the nutrients we need. Many people assume that since vitamins are an important factor to good health, it’s safe to consume more than the recommended dosage, but many supplements taken in excess can be extremely dangerous.
How do you know if you are suffering from vitamin deficiency or could you be running the risk of vitamin overdose?
Daily Allowance and Regulations
The Institute of Medicine has established some guidelines to help understand the minimum and maximum doses of vitamin supplements;
• The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) and Allowable Intake (AL) is the minimum amount of vitamins required to avoid vitamin deficiency.
• The UL (Tolerable Upper Intake Level) is the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals you can safely take without risking serious side effects or even overdose.
• The FDA uses a different measurement for nutritional intake.
• The DV (Daily Value) is the measurement you’ll find on supplement labels. That number represents the amount of a vitamin or supplement a person needs for optimum health, based on a (2,000) calorie a day diet.
The RDA and DV guidelines may not be exact, but both are designed as guidelines to help us get the nutrition we need to avoid disease and problems caused by malnutrition.
How do you know when it’s safe to take more than the RDA and DV recommends? A good rule is to look at the UL (tolerable intake level). Many times you can take a higher dosage than RDA and DV guidelines suggest, without going over the UL limit. Not every supplement will have a UL label.
The Government has yet to set limits on all vitamins. Many vitamins are without UL, RDA, and DV labels because experts don’t really know the minimum and maximum amounts that can safely be taken without side effects. A complete list of RDA, UL, and DV guidelines set by the Government can be found through The Office of Dietary Supplements . Some combinations of vitamins and daily medications can be extremely dangerous. Always consult your health care provider before taking vitamin supplements.

Benefits of the CBD Essential Oil


CBD Essential Oil Turmeric – Natural Remedy for Bell’s Patsyhas many beneficial properties. Even if the UK is still far from acknowledging the medical properties of CBD, it is fully legal as a food supplement. All the conclusions of this article are from the US and EU researchers. The product has not been researched for medical purposes in the UK.benefits of cannabidiol
CBD essential oil

The essential cannabis oil is one of the less known food supplements that we promote and recommend. Its less good name is owned by the plant from which it is obtained. Cannabis and hemp were used for a long time as a spontaneously grown plant. The relationship between benefits and name was broken when it started to be used as a drug. any people look only for the hallucinogen properties of the plant. It is why the authorities also forbid or misunderstand other cannabinoid products, such as CBD.

The essential Cannabis oil is a green liquid. It is highly volatile, with strong components. It contains monoterpene, sesquiterpene and other active composites. The essential oils are popular in France. In the United Kingdom, the CBD essential oils were only recently introduced.

Besides the medical applications of hemp, it is used for perfumes, soaps or candles, and also for baking. It is very strong, so a few drops are enough for a long-lasting effect.
Benefits of CBD essential oil
Against anxiety and stress: one of the most known and popular usages of cannabis oil is to ameliorate stress. Natural composites of CBD help it to release the pleasure hormones. It relaxes the muscles and treats <a href=””>sleeping problems</a>.
Increases the appetite: the extra boost of energy is consumed and transformed in appetite. The essential cannabis oil will allow the digestive system to function better.
There are only a few trusted online shops where you can buy CBD food supplements and CBD essential oil fully approved in the UK. Make sure you are buying only from approved CBD retailers and that CBD is used only as a food supplement.