Why Choose Us?

We are not here to debate, change or denigrate chemistry or medicines. Natural remedies have been here for millenniums. Even if modern medicine treats some diseases that are not possible to be cured with traditional treatments, they also come with side effects. Medications also decrease immunity in time. Unfortunately, we got used to the local pharmacy so much that we forgot the natural methods we used to treat joint and even more complicated health problems some time ago. Pure tinctures and pills made from plants and everything nature have to offer are perfect before trying chemical medicines.

Naturemedies proposes only new products, less known on the UK market but fully approved under EU and local regulations.
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It is true, the effect of new pills comes faster, we can find them at the local pharmacist, or we can easily take a prescription from the G.P., But after a while, we need to change treatments or to try something more robust. Natural remedies don’t come with those side effects, and they are also less invasive for your body in general.

NatuRemedies distributes only E.U. regulated food supplements, made with substances approved through the U.K. and E.U. legislation. Products imported from the E.U. countries are labelled according to the Department of Health guidance. All our products are food supplements and are marked likewise on the website.

NatuRemedies distributes products manufactured by approved E.U. companies, mostly from Eastern Europe. The health systems of the Balkan countries are not as performing as NHS, so people there had to stay in contact with nature and to use what it has to treat common health problems. This way, traditional remedies remained important there. It is time for the English people to discover a part of this conventional medicine treasury in the U.K., as an alternative or aid to modern chemical medicine.

Naturemedies is a web portal for natural remedies and food supplements, with two principal directions: to promote less known but fully approved U.K. supplements imported from E.U. through its shop and to offer a comparison feature for local U.K. products.

Affiliate marketing conditions

Naturemedies is fully responsible under U.K. law for the products distributed through its shop, which are the subject of Naturemedies Terms and Conditions.
Through the comparison engine, Naturemedies offers its readers the possibility to compare natural remedies and pharmaceutical products THAT AE NOT SOLD directly by our company. We make a clear distinction between our products and the affiliate products as we don’t offer the possibility to add the product to the cart or to proceed to checkout on the affiliate product’s pages. Those products are the subject of their own distributor’s terms and conditions. Naturemedies recommends those products in goodwill, based on the experience of the website’s administrators. Still, it does not take responsibility for any liabilities encountered by our visitors when buying from our partner’s website.

Standard Delivery
Standard Delivery
• Standard Deliveries are dispatched by Royal Mail First/Second Class same day for orders received until 14.00 and the next day for the rest.
• Free postage is applicable only to single standard UK orders with a goods value of £30 or more (including VAT) and weighing no more than 25kg.
• Orders under £30 in value (under 25kg) will be charged at £3.6/£3 for standard UK delivery.
• We endeavour to dispatch standard in-stock orders as quickly as possible and guarantee they will be dispatched within 1 working day.

International Delivery

• Free for orders of more than £50 or flat rate 12.5£. We deliver to the following European Countries: United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden