Carmol UK – Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu

carmol UK

Carmol UK is known for quite a while as a natural remedy against cold and flu. It is a combination of natural elements that are applied to the skin, having a warming effect and helping the medical treatments designed to cure cold and flu.

Carmol can be found from several manufacturers in the UK, but the most popular one is Biofarm. Besides the cutaneous solution offered by this Romanian manufacturer, UK consumers can find this product as capsules and in other forms.

Carmol UK – What it is made of?

The main ingredient in Carmol is the thyme oil, used by our ancestors for its healing effect on the body. It is a local tonic liquid with vasodilation effect, initially producing a cold sensation on the skin, followed by a feeling of warmth once the skin absorbs the liquid.

carmol anglia

Carmol is a rubbing lotion that has to be applied on the skin. Naturemedies bring this product in Anglia for people that already know the product from their home country, but also for new consumers willing to try this supplement.

As it is made only of natural plants, it can be sold Over the Counter, and it does not have any significant side effects. Carmol represents the complete gamma of products, adapted for all the family members and with a beneficial effect against cold and flu. It is efficient against muscular pains caused by freezing and effort, but also to eliminate the general discomfort of the body.

Terpineol is another component of Carmol, a natural element in the pine oil. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, diminishing muscular pains.

Thyme oil (Satureia Hortensis) stimulates the muscular relaxation, diminishing pain and perfuming the skin.


Carmol Capsules

Cold and flu are the most common affections in the world, and they are usually infections of the respiratory system. The immune system releases antibodies and other substances to fight these symptoms, but those substances might cause muscular and articular pain.

carmol Uk capsules

Carmol UK Capsules ameliorates the unpleasant effects of the respiratory system, such as the blocked nose and breathing difficulties. However, this is not medicine, so it does not replace the conventional treatments recommended by your GP.

Carmol Flu Anglia

Carmol Flu is another popular product activating the local blood circulation. As soon as you feel cold and flu, ask your partner to rub your skin with Carmol, and the unpleasant effects might disappear. The concentration of menthol dilutes the blood vessels, helping the blood to reach the parts of the body where muscular contractions happen. The thyme oil calms pains and has a rejuvenating effect on the entire body.

carmol capsule anglia

Carmol M UK

Carmol M is another popular product relaxing the muscles and reducing the unpleasant itching sensation. It is mostly recommended for patients suffering from reduced mobility, and it has a perfuming and smoothening effect on the skin.

Pain is an unpleasant sensation which the body feels because of the sensory receptors on the skin. Physical stress and tiredness affect the organism, determining modifications at the cellular level and helping the body to fight these conditions.

Carmol M Lotion activates the blood circulation and decongests the tissues after being applied. It does not come with side effects such as sleeping problems. Therefore it can be used for children aged under 3.

Carmol Biofarm

Biofarm is a reputed manufacturer of food supplements in Romania. You can find Carmol from other manufacturers in the UK, but this is the most efficient and popular one. This manufacturer has 100 years of experience, and you can benefit from their products today as Carmol Anglia.

Carmol has to be applied daily on the skin until the unpleasant effects of cold and flu disappear. However, make sure you take it only along with the medical treatments recommended by your GP.

carmol UK

Carmol UK Cautions

  • Do not leave with children aged under 3
  • Use for less than 21 days in a row
  • Only for external use – excepting capsules
  • Don’t apply on the damaged skin