Bach Remedies to Beat the Blues: Feeling Down? Flower Remedies May Help Brighten Your Mood


Bach Flower remedies are a simple and amazing gift from nature that was discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. He believed that the remedies could help to heal physical symptoms by treating negative emotions and that all disease and distress is caused by emotional imbalances. There are a total of 38 remedies, but the following are six of the best for helping to treat negativity, depression, problems and pain, or feeling down and fed up. These floral remedies are known to alternative medicine for quite a while. Randomised clinical trials showed these remedies can bring emotional and psychical stability.

• White Chestnut – a rescue remedy made from the leaf of the chestnut tree, this remedy helps if you find it difficult to switch off or if you suffer from mental chatter and unwanted repetitive thoughts that stop you focusing on what you should be doing. White Chestnut will help replace the negative thoughts that are holding you back with positive ideas and will help calm mental overactivity.

Bach remedies

• Wild Rose – for those who tend to suffer from resignation and apathy and find themselves drifting through life without much joy and just accepting what life has to offer. Wild rose can help the person become more ambitious and add a little zest to life.

• Honeysuckle – for those who live in the past and find it hard to let go of past memories and events. This remedy can help the person move on and realise that there is plenty to look forward to in life without feeling constantly nostalgic.

• Clematis – for daydreamers who have no interest in the present and find themselves drifting into an imaginary world rather than dealing with everyday issues. This remedy will help the person become more focused and less withdrawn and absent-minded.

• Mustard – helpful if a person suddenly begins to experience feelings of depression and sadness for no apparent reason. Even though the person may realise they have many reasons to be happy they just cannot shake off the feelings of hopelessness and gloom; it’s like a dark cloud hanging over them. Mustard is a wonderful remedy for boosting the mood and helping to ease the feelings of despair.

• Star of Bethlehem – a comforting remedy that can help a person deal with feelings of loss or emptiness, making it an excellent choice when experiencing grief or delayed shock.

Taking the Remedies

Add two drops of your chosen remedy to a glass of water and sip throughout the day, or drip two drops directly onto the tongue from the remedy bottle. Up to five remedies can be used at a time (two drops of each) but it is important to remember to choose remedies relevant to emotions that are being experienced in the present moment, not in the past. Bach flower essences are known for years, and they are used by more and more people for different conditions. However, remember these are only food supplements so they cannot cure or treat any disease. Moreover, any food supplement treatment has to be approved by your GP.


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