Herb Robert Tea Ceai Napraznic 50g

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Cow Parsnip (Hogweed) teas are 100% natural aerial parts of Heracleum sphondylium.

Cow Parsnip tea increases virility and treats impotence, frigidity and sterility. In traditional medicine, the plant was also used to reduce tiredness and exhaustion. It is recommended to the eldest people also, as it re-gives the appetite for life.

Administrated for treating diverse affections:
– Male sexual dysfunctions, erectile dysfunction problems and male sterility
– Amenorrhea, feminine sterility
– Premature menopause
– Frigidity
– Arterial hypertension
– Venereal diseases

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herb robert tea geranium robertianum ceai napraznic
Herb Robert Tea Ceai Napraznic 50g

£6.00 £5.49

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