Napraznic UK (Herb Robert) – an Enigmatic Natural Cure (Geranium Robertianum)


Napraznic UK – Geranium Robertianum is a small plant sneaking under stones forming something like a pink carpet. Over the years, even if it is a little researched by modern medicine, but this plant is known since the Medieval Era in France and Eastern Europe. From this plant, food supplement producers make Herb Robert capsules, less known in the UK but used for years in other parts of the world.

Napraznic Herb Robert Capsules UK

First ‘researcher’ of the therapeutic benefits of the plant was a monk, Robert from the Molesme monastery in France. He used to say about Herb Robert or Napraznic that it can cure many diseases. Robert was followed by thousands of people for his kindness and was made a saint by the Vatican after his death. There are not many writing pieces remained from the saint, but those are about plants and their therapeutic effect. Because he was especially fond of this plant, it was named Herb Robert, the name with which is known in the UK.

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Even if the modern world forgot about the teachings of Saint Robert, the plant exists in many parts of the world where the plant was especially cherished and used. In Romania, a country where traditional remedies are not forgotten, it is known as Napraznic and it is synthesized in capsules and tinctures with therapeutic effect.
Saint Robert used to say this plant keeps the body and mind young, healing the spirit and mind. The plant is known in many parts of Europe but also in America and Australia. It is a herbaceous annual or bi-annual plant with a red tulip covered with smooth hairs. The leaf is soft to touch and can be easily torn. The flowers are pink, placed two by two at the top of the peduncles. The fruit, in the shape of a beak, can’t be consumed.
Leaf and tulips of the flowering plant are harvested without roots, as the plant can regenerate after harvesting. The plant can be used as it is to extract the juice or more frequent, dry.
In traditional medicine, there were many cures based on Napraznic, the plant being known in the mountain areas especially for its rejuvenating effect, both for men and women. In some parts of the Balkans, men known with impotency were dressed for many days in a row of clothes soothed in a boiled mixture of Herb Robert with water. Fresh juice of Napraznic was mixed with milk and drank by men and women to increase libido. Here are some administration methods for today’s world.
Combined infusion
Two teaspoons of flowers and leaf put in a small cup and left from evening until morning. The juice is only macerated plant. Boil the remained plant with another cup of water and filter the mixture. Combine with the cold infusion remained from earlier. Drink two, three cups a day on empty stomach.
Herb Robert Wine
Put 20 teaspoons of dry Herb Robert in a litre of red wine. Leave it for two weeks to macerate, then filter the mixture. Take 3 teaspoons a day, 15 minutes before a meal. It has digestive and rejuvenating effects, as well as aphrodisiac and antidepressants.
Herb Robert powder
Take one teaspoon of powder 4 times a day on empty stomach. Before swallowing the powder with some water, hold it for a few minutes under the tongue. In traditional English and French medicine, it is combined with the fresh yolk.
Napraznic capsules
They are a mixture of excipient and Napraznic powder. It is the most used form of Napraznic as it is easily administrated, well tolerated by the organism and have a strong therapeutic effect. Known for ages in the Balkans and especially Romania, they are now available on the UK market.
Preventive actions
In viral infections – administration of Herb Robert (Geranium Robertianum) has stimulating effects on the immune system, but also a direct antiviral effect. It is recommended a cure of Herb Robert for 30 days. It prevents hepatic eruptions and keeps viral hepatitis under control.
UV rays affections – Napraznic is one of the most resistant plants in the world of radiations, whether we are talking about ultra-violets, electromagnetic rays of even by the damages of the high tension power lines rays. Of course, you should follow the treatments prescribed by the medic in case you were following a treatment, but you can complete it with a cure of Napraznic to treat the secondary effects of the rays such as cutaneous eruptions, migraines, nervous breakdowns.
Tiredness and fatigue. Napraznic is considered a good adaptogen plant, increasing resistance to stress, increasing the immunity of the organism and neutralizing the free radicals. It is efficient likewise, to prevent diseases given by psychical fatigue. It is an adjuvant natural cure for herpes and viral infection medical treatment. Take 3 tablets a day for minimum of one month.
Internal treatments
Impotency – administration of Herb Robert or Napraznic as capsules is a strong hormonal boost, with effects known in time. It is recommended for the treatment of mild impotency. It has good effects associated with another plant known for the same therapeutic action, Branca Ursului or Cow Parsnip.
Men sterility – Napraznic ( combined with Branca Ursului of possible) may increase the concentration of spermatozoids over time, improving their motility. It is an adjuvant natural treatment for oligospermia and asthenospermia.
Women sterility – Napraznic can be administrated as infusion or powder on an empty stomach, combined with milk for a better taste. The Austrian therapeutic Rudolf Breuss used Herb Robert (Geranium Robertianum) tea on 8 couples that could not have children. Both partners drank one cup of tea each morning and after one year, six of them were pregnant.
Menstrual cycle disorders – one of the natural alternatives to medical treatments of bleedings, unless heavy bleedings which have to be seen by a GP or a specialist. Take one or two teaspoons of Herb Robert powder for one month with milk for one month. Take a break of two weeks and continue the treatment. It is well associated with Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla Vulgaris).
Possible uses of Napraznic:
Different types of cancer – a Spanish doctor V. Ferrandiz used Napraznic or Herb Robert as an adjuvant in the treatment of breast, lungs or prostate cancer. In Spain and Portugal, where Herb Robert is popular, numerous cases of cancer were ameliorated with this plant.
For this type of treatment, you need one teaspoon of Napraznic powder mixed with an egg, and during the day, take one teaspoon of powder three times on empty stomach. Take this treatment at the same time with a healthy diet, for at least one year. You can associate with other natural and medical treatments.
Intestinal cancer – administrate an infusion 2 times a day, 250 ml. Take this treatment for 10-12 weeks followed by two weeks of break. An Australian therapeutic, Isabell Shipard registered many cases in which Napraznic was of help in treating intestinal cancer. If you don’t like the infusion, you can take 6 capsules of Herb Robert Napraznic Natural tablets.
UV exposure – Herb Robert tea is useful to fight the immediate effects of UV exposure. Drink the infusion 250 ml, twice a day.
Chronic fatigue – take a cure for two months, 6 capsules a day. This treatment has sedative effects, it favours regeneration of energy, being efficient even against mild depression.
External usages:
Herpes – local washing with Napraznic infusion may increase the rate of healing of herpes eruptions, but they do not replace medical treatment.
Napraznic as tea or infusion is used in traditional Eastern European medicine for a long time, and even if they are less known here, Napraznic may be of help in the UK for curing a large number of diseases:
– Nose bleeding – a mixture of Napraznic concentrated with salt, put in the nostril with cotton
– Conjunctivitis – wash the infected eye with a Napraznic infusion
There are no reported side effects of using Napraznic, but it is recommended to consult your doctor if you feel any inconveniences.

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