Turmeric – Natural Remedy for Bell’s Patsy


Bell’s palsy describes any paralysis of facial control that cannot be attributed to a specific disease or condition. Brain tumours, stroke and Lyme disease can cause facial paralysis to some extent. But Bell’s palsy appears also with no apparent cause. The facial nerve comes down through a narrow channel under each ear. If the nerve becomes swollen, the narrow channel can restrict the functionality of the nerves, causing paralysis. Some studies find that it is in reaction to an unknown infection or a recurrence of certain diseases. It is probably being applied to multiple conditions that have not yet been identified.

CBD & Turmeric for Bell’s Patsy

CBD is only a food supplement in the UK, just like the extracts of turmeric or Curcuma longa. Naturmedies identified a series of food supplements people say might help with inflammatory diseases. However, remember that we are only talking about food supplements, therefore you should consult your doctor for prescription medication, and take these food supplements only if he allows.

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Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy

The symptoms of Bell’s palsy are quite telling though. The facial nerve affects the ability to smile, blink the eyes, frown, and salivate. When affected, the person often cannot close their eyes completely. The eye can become dry and needs to be protected. The side of the face that is affected appears to droop due to the lack of muscle control. Some people experience a spontaneous relief of symptoms and regain normal control within a couple of weeks. But many others are not so lucky. The effects can be long-lasting or permanent in some cases.

Medical Remedies

Medical remedies for Bell’s Palsy has to be seen by a doctor as soon as the patient assumes he or she suffers from this condition. Some doctors treat the system with anti-viral and anti-inflammatory remedies. The idea is to try to ferret out any viral infections that may be causing it. They also want to reduce the nerve swelling to improve signal strength. These solutions can be effective for some people, especially if the patients change their lifestyle and add some food supplements to their diet.

Natural Remedy for Bell’s Palsy

Natural remedies are available to ease Bell’s palsy. Reduction of nerve swelling is important for long-term healing. The Nerve Support natural remedy by Traditional Tibetan Healing is ideal for accomplishing this. It helps increase energy circulation to the nerves while reducing the inflammation. This natural remedy is a non-invasive but effective treatment for many nerve issues. It helps with symptoms caused by arthritis, gout, and joint stiffness. All of this is based on the centuries-old knowledge of traditional Tibetan medicine. Naturemedies recently introduced a new category of food supplements, adding the power of Turmeric to one of the less known natural remedies we already used our clients in the past.

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