Hogweed Tincture (Cow Parsnip) Branca Ursului USA

Hogweed Tincture (Cow Parsnip) Branca Ursului USA

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Romanians in the USA know Cow Parsnip as Branca Ursului, a plant used for treating infertility naturally for decades. It is why they are looking for natural capsules and tinctures made of Branca Ursului or Hogweed. Those are common in Eastern Europe, but hard to find in the USA because of the expensive delivery costs from Romania.


Branca Ursului Cow Parsnip Hogweed Capsules & Tinctures in the United States

Naturemedies is a London based online natural fertility supplements shop that acts under the law of the United Kingdom. We have stocks of Branca Ursului and other natural capsules & tinctures. We can send those through Royal Mail international in the USA, with the necessary customs documents. Please be advised you might have to pay customs taxes according to the legislation of your state.

Hogweed Tinctures & Capsules in the USA

Giant Hogweed Heracleum Mantegazzianum has been long known as a poisonous plant in the USA and mostly in California. People try to eliminate it from their backyards as it is poisonous and can leave you with annoying rashes. Because of this, it is often mistaken with the beneficial Cow Parsnip, a plant resembling Common Hogweed, but without any harmful effect.

Giant Hogweed Poisonous


Cow Parsnip or Branca Ursului

Why Dacia Plant Branca Ursului & Napraznic?

Not only the Romanians but also South-Eastern Asian nationals in the USA know the hogweed benefits. It is why even American patients are looking to buy cow parsnip for infertility. We are the cheapest source of Branca Ursului Dacia Plant 50ml, 200ml & 60 capsules, the most popular natural infertility treatment in Eastern Europe.
Branca Ursului (Heracleum sphondylium) made by Dacia Plant Romania is the most popular elixir for treating mild infertility and erection problems. It is not a medical treatment and you should always consult your doctor before taking any medical treatment. However, it is perfectly safe to use Heracleum sphondylium elixir as a way to improve your wellbeing.
Napraznic (Geranium robertianum) is another miracle plant used both as a female or male natural aphrodisiac in Europe. Now it is available as a tea for Romanian and American buyers who would want to try a new natural infertility treatment in the USA.

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Naturmemedies UK, Farmacie Produse Naturiste in USA

Introducem pentru prima data Branca Ursului Dacia Plant in Statele Unite, dar oferim si alte produse pe care Romanii din USA ar avea nevoie. Suntem unul dintre putinele magazine online de tip plafar care poate livra in Statele Unite. Stoc Marea Britanie, livare rapida prin Royal Mail.

Comprimatele naturale Dacia Plant sunt cunoscute in toata lumea. Romanii cunosc acest brand si au incredere in produsele lor. In afara de asta, ei recomanda si clientilor de alte nationalitati produsele noastre.

Cumpara Extract de Mladite de Zmeur 50ml in USA, dar si alte ceaiuri, tincture & capsule naturiste, vitamin & minerale pentru fertilitate.

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