Homoeopathic Remedies for Memory Problems


Memory problems are widespread, especially as people age. Memory can fail anyone at any point, and memory problems affect everyone at some point, whether the memory problems are caused by normal ageing, or by something else. Although memory problems aren’t usually something to be concerned about, sometimes they can be, especially for memory problems not related to the ageing process. Memory problems that are long term and have a cause that is unknown should always be looked into by a doctor. Sometimes memory problems are due to an underlying condition, and sometimes the underlying condition can be quite serious.

Although homoeopathic remedies should not be used in place of medical attention, or any medications or prescription drugs being taken, it can be used in addition to these medical treatments. Homoeopathic remedies should be selected based on the type of memory problem, as well as any accompanying symptoms. Just choose the homoeopathic remedy below with the description that best matches the individual’s condition.

Alumina and Kali Phosphoric for Memory Problems

Alumina is a homoeopathic medicine that may help with memory problems. Alumina works best to help those who tend to become often confused and have general memory impairment. Those who will benefit from this homoeopathic treatment usually suffer from constipation as well.

The homoeopathic remedy kali phosphoric can also help with memory problems, but it should only be taken by those that have mental fatigue as well.


Lycopodium and Sulphur for Memory Problems

Lycopodium is a homoeopathic remedy that can help those with memory problems who experience fear or anxiety and tend to have problems recalling certain words. Those who will benefit from this homoeopathic treatment may also have digestive problems, mainly bloating and gas.

Sulphur can help those with memory problems that struggle to recall certain names and tend to improve after getting rest during the day. Those who will benefit from this homoeopathic treatment tend to crave cold drinks.

Memory problems are a normal part of ageing, but sometimes can be a sign of something serious, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Seek out medical attention to find any underlying causes of memory problems. For those taking any prescription drugs, homoeopathic remedies should not be used to replace these medications. Homoeopathic remedies can, however, be used in addition to any medical treatments for better results.

Natural Remedies for PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms


Women will suffer from symptoms associated with premenstrual syndromes at some point in their lives, such as painful periods, at some point. Thankfully, women can now choose from a whole range of treatments available, rather than just rely on painkillers, including natural remedies for PMS.

Natural Remedies for PMS

Clinical trials have shown that a good PMS treatment programme should include vitamin B6, vitamin E, magnesium and omega-6. Several studies have found that B6 works with certain brain chemicals to control mood and behaviour. Vitamin E may help with sore breasts that often accompany menstruation and help with irritability and moods.

However, remember that any treatment comes with side effects. Women experience mood swings and breast tenderness during their menstrual cycle, so it is better to consult your doctor before deciding on natural remedies for PMS.

natural remedies for pms

Magnesium is another aid for PMS symptoms. It is a natural tranquillizer so can help relieve anxiety and tension. It is more effective if taken along with B6. Omega-6 essential fatty acids can also be helpful. The body converts omega-6 into GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) which is found in plants including evening primrose and borage. Studies have shown women who suffer severe PMS have trouble converting omega 6 to GLA. Taking evening primrose oil can help with this.

Natural Herbal Remedies for PMS

The herb Agnus castus has been studied for its abilities to help with symptoms of PMS and has been found to be very useful as it rebalances hormones by working with the pituitary gland. However, this should not be taken by anyone who is on the contraceptive pill, fertility drugs, HRT or any other hormone medication without guidance from a qualified practitioner.

natural remedies PMS pains

Diet and PMS

Diet and exercise play an important role here too. Eating well and exercising regularly helps the body to function properly and produce just the right amount of hormones. Plenty of fruit and vegetables are important along with complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole grain pasta or whole grain bread. Eating phytoestrogens are important too and these include beans, chickpeas, lentils and soya produce. Nuts, seeds and oily fish will ensure a good intake of healthy fat.

natural remedies treat PMS pain

Reducing intake of highly processed and refined foods along with sugar and artificial sweeteners will help the body regain its natural equilibrium. The body also needs water to help with elimination so don’t forget to drink. Hydration is particularly important at this time of the month as the body is losing fluids. Remember that tea and coffee are both dehydrating.

Health Benefits of Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly


Propolis is a sticky resin which is yellow-brown and is made by some species of bees, consists of a mixture of wax and tree sap. While bees use propolis to repair any cracks in the hive, humans can benefit from its healing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As identified by Brewer  in The Essential Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements, propolis has the following health benefits and usages:

  • antiseptic
  • hastens wound healing
  • overcomes sore throats
  • boosts energy levels
  • treats stomach ulcers
  • overcomes skin, ear, nose and mouth infections
  • helps relieve sinus infections
  • increases immunity against winter colds and influenza
  • contains anti-cancer properties

What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly, which is sometimes known as bee’s milk, contains a whole range of nutritious elements, such as A, B, C, D and E vitamins, amino acids and minerals. According to Brewer, royal jelly has several health benefits, which include:

medical honey

  • boosts energy levels
  • combats stress
  • mental alertness
  • fights fatigue
  • battles insomnia
  • increases feelings of well-being
  • increases vitality
  • improves complexion
  • maintains healthy skin, hair and nails
  • improves many menopausal symptoms
  • helps lower blood fats

honey benefits

Health Benefits of Medicinal Honey

Honey has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, with many current sore throats

Over-The-Counter remedies are also containing this ingredient. In particular, the famous New Zealand Manuka honey is recognised to include a potent antimicrobial agent. As identified by Brewer, medicinal honey which has been specially developed for clinical use (such as Medihoney) has the following properties:

  • rapidly clears the infection
  • reduces inflammation
  • provides an antibacterial barrier
  • creates a moist healing environment
  • allows easy removal of dressings
  • quickly neutralises wound odours (within 24 hours)

Also, medicinal honey boasts an exceptional antibacterial property, helping protect against over 250 different forms of bacteria. It is especially useful for those who are frequently admitted to the hospital, with medicinal honey being able to protect against the hospital “superbug” MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), which is currently antibiotic-resistant.

As highlighted above, bee products have a range of health benefits, which include royal jelly, medicinal honey and propolis. However, those who suffer from allergies should avoid using propolis or royal jelly, as these may trigger an allergic reaction.

Different types of honey

There are different types of benefits of honey, considering the nature of flowers used by bees for pollination. Raw phoney has more benefits, but it is harder to find. However, many publications see it as a wonder cure for many diseases, and this is wrong. However, it is a source of natural sweeteners and can reduce blood sugar levels if consumed smartly.

Turmeric – Natural Remedy for Bell’s Patsy


Bell’s palsy describes any paralysis of facial control that cannot be attributed to a specific disease or condition. Brain tumours, stroke and Lyme disease can cause facial paralysis to some extent. But Bell’s palsy appears also with no apparent cause. The facial nerve comes down through a narrow channel under each ear. If the nerve becomes swollen, the narrow channel can restrict the functionality of the nerves, causing paralysis. Some studies find that it is in reaction to an unknown infection or a recurrence of certain diseases. It is probably being applied to multiple conditions that have not yet been identified.

CBD & Turmeric for Bell’s Patsy

CBD is only a food supplement in the UK, just like the extracts of turmeric or Curcuma longa. Naturmedies identified a series of food supplements people say might help with inflammatory diseases. However, remember that we are only talking about food supplements, therefore you should consult your doctor for prescription medication, and take these food supplements only if he allows.

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Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy

The symptoms of Bell’s palsy are quite telling though. The facial nerve affects the ability to smile, blink the eyes, frown, and salivate. When affected, the person often cannot close their eyes completely. The eye can become dry and needs to be protected. The side of the face that is affected appears to droop due to the lack of muscle control. Some people experience a spontaneous relief of symptoms and regain normal control within a couple of weeks. But many others are not so lucky. The effects can be long-lasting or permanent in some cases.

Medical Remedies

Medical remedies for Bell’s Palsy has to be seen by a doctor as soon as the patient assumes he or she suffers from this condition. Some doctors treat the system with anti-viral and anti-inflammatory remedies. The idea is to try to ferret out any viral infections that may be causing it. They also want to reduce the nerve swelling to improve signal strength. These solutions can be effective for some people, especially if the patients change their lifestyle and add some food supplements to their diet.

Natural Remedy for Bell’s Palsy

Natural remedies are available to ease Bell’s palsy. Reduction of nerve swelling is important for long-term healing. The Nerve Support natural remedy by Traditional Tibetan Healing is ideal for accomplishing this. It helps increase energy circulation to the nerves while reducing the inflammation. This natural remedy is a non-invasive but effective treatment for many nerve issues. It helps with symptoms caused by arthritis, gout, and joint stiffness. All of this is based on the centuries-old knowledge of traditional Tibetan medicine. Naturemedies recently introduced a new category of food supplements, adding the power of Turmeric to one of the less known natural remedies we already used our clients in the past.

New Food Supplement Solutions – Walmark UK


Walmark UK  is the food supplement manufacturer with the most rapid development in pharmacy from Central and Eastern Europe. We promote innovations and offer our consumers the best choices for a healthy life.

Walmark operates through branches in 9 East and Central European countries but being present on other 24 other national markets.

The investments of the company are concentrated on improving and expanding the portfolio of products, with the final goal of promoting healthy habits and natural supplements.

Walmark UK

Walmark EU Vision

Walmark is one of the companies with the fastest growth in the pharmaceutical industry from Central and Eastern Europe. By promoting innovations, we offer our consumers the best choices for a healthy life.

As a leader on the market of food supplements, people at Walmark are aware of the responsibility they have in the community. The company promotes a healthy lifestyle through the projects and products that they offer.

As a leader in Eastern Europe food supplements industry, Walmark takes its community responsibilities seriously, and they make the difference when it comes to health initiatives.


Walmark started in 1991 as a non-alcoholic and agricultural products wholesaler but soon founded the Pharmaceutical division in 1993. First food supplements under the brand Walmark UK were launched in 1994, and by 1997, the company had other two branches opened in Romania and Bulgaria. In 2006, Walmark was recognized as a leader in the food supplements industry in Eastern and Central Europe.

In the UK, Walmark products are not as popular as they deserve. The changing preferences of consumers towards natural remedies for minor alignments and the quality of the products they offer convinced many people to search the Wallmark brand, especially only where it is easier to buy like in the online shops.

Naturemedies and Walmark UK

One of the most popular natural solutions that can be a solution at the same time with the medical treatment for cystitis or other vaginal problems is the Urinal gamma from Walmark, an effective solution for track disorders for adults and children.

Walmark UK Supplements

With the power of cranberries, Walmark Urinal makes the best supplements for removing the limitations on your activities. Walmark Urinal sachets, syrups, and veggie caps are extracted with the latest technologies, releasing the power of proanthocyanidins.

Walmark Urinal gamma allows customers to choose their preferred administration method. Choose Urinal Drink 12 sachets if you would like a hot delicious drink with therapeutic effects for the genital area but not only. If you would like a long-term treatment, you can start treatment with Walmark Urinal 60 veggie caps, as it also offers a part of the daily necessities of Vitamin D and Solidago Virgaurea, 57.300 mg cranberry equivalent.

Walmark products are safe both for men and women, and there are no known side effects of these natural extract supplements. Feel free the options that we offer. Keep an eye on Naturemdies, as we always find new and less known natural remedies in the UK, but which are known to work for decades in other parts of the world. Walmark UK is a brand that we proudly represent.

At Naturemedies, all our products come with translated leaflets provided both online or offline, and also we label our products according to UK laws. Feel free to check other fertility and sexual health natural supplements that we offer, and if your basket is worth more than £25 in Uk and £35 in EU, we offer free delivery!

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Natural Fertility Tricks, Tips and Supplements


Another month passes and you end up with the same question: ‘Why can’t I get pregnant? After ovulation kits, calendars, lubes and …stress, if you don’t see any improvements and you are not ready to seek medical help, here are some natural remedies and easy solutions that may help you to conceive.

Studies concluded that 20% of couples are not able to conceive during a year. Even if the rate of success is pretty high, the rate of infertility raises especially in developed areas; therefore it is one of the major problems in UK as well. Even if NHS and private clinics may help couples looking for the best way to get pregnant, natural remedies approved by your GP can only help.

Fertility problems
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5 Reasons to Take Vitamin C Supplements



Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is needed by the body for hundreds of different metabolic functions, and it plays a central role in supporting many aspects of well-being. Although a healthy diet should be the foundation of good nutrition, supplementing with vitamin C is a great way to ensure that you are getting enough. Also, as a water-soluble vitamin and antioxidant, there is no danger of over-dosing from vitamin C supplements — as the body naturally excretes what it doesn’t require.

Learn about the many faces of this nutrient: an anti-aging supplement, a vitamin for heart health, an immune boosting nutrient, a vitamin for healthy skin, and for healthy gums.

An Anti-Aging Supplement

Why are vitamin C supplements beneficial for delaying the effects of the aging process? This nutrient acts as an antioxidant. It helps to neutralize the negative effects of reactive oxygen and nitrogen radicals in the body, thus protecting cells from damage and even decreasing the likeliness of chronic diseases such as cancer.

Working synergistically with other nutrient antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and vitamin E, vitamin C is an even more powerful anti-aging supplement. According to Phyllis Balch’s Prescription for Nutritional Healing, a study showed that people who took vitamin E and vitamin C supplements together over a long period of time had significantly higher cognitive abilities in older age.

An Important Vitamin for Heart Health

Ascorbic acid is also an important vitamin for heart health. It acts to lower levels of LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoproteins, also known as the bad cholesterol). While at the same time it improves levels of good, HDL cholesterol. As an antioxidant, vitamin C prevents oxidation, and therefore the hardening of cholesterol in the arteries, thus preventing atherosclerosis and reducing high blood pressure. Vitamin C is also good for heart health as it strengthens capillary walls.

Boost Immune Health with Vitamin C Supplements

Taking vitamin C will boost immune health and help the body recover from infections. How? This nutrient increases the activity of white blood cells, which help to ward off dangerous pathogens. It also increases production of the anti-stress hormone, interferon, which heightens the level of antibodies in the bloodstream. Taking vitamin C supplements can also help to protect the body from the negative effects of pollution.

The Benefits of Taking Vitamin C for the Skin

As the body ages, skin sags and weakens and sun exposure leads to an increased amount of free radical damage to skin cells. Vitamin C is beneficial for the skin, helping to address these problems. This nutrient is needed for the production of collagen, which is found in skin tissue, as well as tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Adequate amounts of collagen translate into stronger skin. Ascorbic acid is also needed for new tissue regeneration. As an antioxidant, it helps to combat the free radical damage from the sun.

Supplement with Vitamin C for Healthy Gums

This nutrient is so important for healthy gums. In fact, taking vitamin C supplements is a great way to help treat bleeding gums and a receding gum line naturally. According to the American Academy of Peridontology, people who consume less than 60 mg a day of vitamin C are one and one-half times more likely to develop gingivitis than people who consume 180 mg per day. Improving healing, strengthening connective tissue, and acting as a protective antioxidant, vitamin C is even good for a healthy mouth.

The Right Vitamin C Supplements

So taking vitamin C supplements is a good idea, but what are the best nutritional supplements to take? The natural ones. Look for products that have natural sources of ascorbic acid such as rose hips, berry extracts, and citrus. This is so important because synthetic vitamin C is not going to have the remarkable positive healing effect that ascorbic acid, naturally occurring with bioflavonoids and other beneficial phytochemicals, will have.

How much to take? The body is only going to absorb between 250 and 500 mg at one time. Adding this amount to a healthy diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables will supply more than adequate amounts for the anti-aging, heart health, immune boosting, healthy skin and gums benefits of vitamin C.

Napraznic UK (Herb Robert) – an Enigmatic Natural Cure (Geranium Robertianum)


Napraznic UK – Geranium Robertianum is a small plant sneaking under stones forming something like a pink carpet. Over the years, even if it is a little researched by modern medicine, but this plant is known since the Medieval Era in France and Eastern Europe. From this plant, food supplement producers make Herb Robert capsules, less known in the UK but used for years in other parts of the world.

Napraznic Herb Robert Capsules UK

First ‘researcher’ of the therapeutic benefits of the plant was a monk, Robert from the Molesme monastery in France. He used to say about Herb Robert or Napraznic that it can cure many diseases. Robert was followed by thousands of people for his kindness and was made a saint by the Vatican after his death. There are not many writing pieces remained from the saint, but those are about plants and their therapeutic effect. Because he was especially fond of this plant, it was named Herb Robert, the name with which is known in the UK.

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Even if the modern world forgot about the teachings of Saint Robert, the plant exists in many parts of the world where the plant was especially cherished and used. In Romania, a country where traditional remedies are not forgotten, it is known as Napraznic and it is synthesized in capsules and tinctures with therapeutic effect.
Saint Robert used to say this plant keeps the body and mind young, healing the spirit and mind. The plant is known in many parts of Europe but also in America and Australia. It is a herbaceous annual or bi-annual plant with a red tulip covered with smooth hairs. The leaf is soft to touch and can be easily torn. The flowers are pink, placed two by two at the top of the peduncles. The fruit, in the shape of a beak, can’t be consumed.
Leaf and tulips of the flowering plant are harvested without roots, as the plant can regenerate after harvesting. The plant can be used as it is to extract the juice or more frequent, dry.
In traditional medicine, there were many cures based on Napraznic, the plant being known in the mountain areas especially for its rejuvenating effect, both for men and women. In some parts of the Balkans, men known with impotency were dressed for many days in a row of clothes soothed in a boiled mixture of Herb Robert with water. Fresh juice of Napraznic was mixed with milk and drank by men and women to increase libido. Here are some administration methods for today’s world.
Combined infusion
Two teaspoons of flowers and leaf put in a small cup and left from evening until morning. The juice is only macerated plant. Boil the remained plant with another cup of water and filter the mixture. Combine with the cold infusion remained from earlier. Drink two, three cups a day on empty stomach.
Herb Robert Wine
Put 20 teaspoons of dry Herb Robert in a litre of red wine. Leave it for two weeks to macerate, then filter the mixture. Take 3 teaspoons a day, 15 minutes before a meal. It has digestive and rejuvenating effects, as well as aphrodisiac and antidepressants.
Herb Robert powder
Take one teaspoon of powder 4 times a day on empty stomach. Before swallowing the powder with some water, hold it for a few minutes under the tongue. In traditional English and French medicine, it is combined with the fresh yolk.
Napraznic capsules
They are a mixture of excipient and Napraznic powder. It is the most used form of Napraznic as it is easily administrated, well tolerated by the organism and have a strong therapeutic effect. Known for ages in the Balkans and especially Romania, they are now available on the UK market.
Preventive actions
In viral infections – administration of Herb Robert (Geranium Robertianum) has stimulating effects on the immune system, but also a direct antiviral effect. It is recommended a cure of Herb Robert for 30 days. It prevents hepatic eruptions and keeps viral hepatitis under control.
UV rays affections – Napraznic is one of the most resistant plants in the world of radiations, whether we are talking about ultra-violets, electromagnetic rays of even by the damages of the high tension power lines rays. Of course, you should follow the treatments prescribed by the medic in case you were following a treatment, but you can complete it with a cure of Napraznic to treat the secondary effects of the rays such as cutaneous eruptions, migraines, nervous breakdowns.
Tiredness and fatigue. Napraznic is considered a good adaptogen plant, increasing resistance to stress, increasing the immunity of the organism and neutralizing the free radicals. It is efficient likewise, to prevent diseases given by psychical fatigue. It is an adjuvant natural cure for herpes and viral infection medical treatment. Take 3 tablets a day for minimum of one month.
Internal treatments
Impotency – administration of Herb Robert or Napraznic as capsules is a strong hormonal boost, with effects known in time. It is recommended for the treatment of mild impotency. It has good effects associated with another plant known for the same therapeutic action, Branca Ursului or Cow Parsnip.
Men sterility – Napraznic ( combined with Branca Ursului of possible) may increase the concentration of spermatozoids over time, improving their motility. It is an adjuvant natural treatment for oligospermia and asthenospermia.
Women sterility – Napraznic can be administrated as infusion or powder on an empty stomach, combined with milk for a better taste. The Austrian therapeutic Rudolf Breuss used Herb Robert (Geranium Robertianum) tea on 8 couples that could not have children. Both partners drank one cup of tea each morning and after one year, six of them were pregnant.
Menstrual cycle disorders – one of the natural alternatives to medical treatments of bleedings, unless heavy bleedings which have to be seen by a GP or a specialist. Take one or two teaspoons of Herb Robert powder for one month with milk for one month. Take a break of two weeks and continue the treatment. It is well associated with Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla Vulgaris).

Possible uses of Napraznic:
Different types of cancer – a Spanish doctor V. Ferrandiz used Napraznic or Herb Robert as an adjuvant in the treatment of breast, lungs or prostate cancer. In Spain and Portugal, where Herb Robert is popular, numerous cases of cancer were ameliorated with this plant.
For this type of treatment, you need one teaspoon of Napraznic powder mixed with an egg, and during the day, take one teaspoon of powder three times on empty stomach. Take this treatment at the same time with a healthy diet, for at least one year. You can associate with other natural and medical treatments.
Intestinal cancer – administrate an infusion 2 times a day, 250 ml. Take this treatment for 10-12 weeks followed by two weeks of break. An Australian therapeutic, Isabell Shipard registered many cases in which Napraznic was of help in treating intestinal cancer. If you don’t like the infusion, you can take 6 capsules of Herb Robert Napraznic Natural tablets.
UV exposure – Herb Robert tea is useful to fight the immediate effects of UV exposure. Drink the infusion 250 ml, twice a day.
Chronic fatigue – take a cure for two months, 6 capsules a day. This treatment has sedative effects, it favours regeneration of energy, being efficient even against mild depression.
External usages:
Herpes – local washing with Napraznic infusion may increase the rate of healing of herpes eruptions, but they do not replace medical treatment.
Napraznic as tea or infusion is used in traditional Eastern European medicine for a long time, and even if they are less known here, Napraznic may be of help in the UK for curing a large number of diseases:
– Nose bleeding – a mixture of Napraznic concentrated with salt, put in the nostril with cotton
– Conjunctivitis – wash the infected eye with a Napraznic infusion
There are no reported side effects of using Napraznic, but it is recommended to consult your doctor if you feel any inconveniences.

Natural Remedies for Colic: Studies on Probiotics Provide Relief for Crying Infants

Natural Remedies for Colic

Colic. It is a dreaded word in almost any family. The colicky baby cries for hours, despite any efforts to soothe him, and many parents are stretched to their limits. Doctors still are not sure what colic – a condition traditionally associated with gas pains – exists, but we know it happens. The little ones can’t tell us what is wrong with them, but we can help them by researching into the role of natural remedies for colics or probiotics in the body may help find a cure for this ailment.

Colic Defined

Infant colic is a common diagnosis given to otherwise healthy babies who cry or scream frequently and for extended periods of time without any discernible reason. Typically, colic appears within the first few weeks after birth and usually disappears suddenly by the time the baby is 3 to 4 months old.

Colic is different from the normal crying associated with a newborn infant. Babies are usually diagnosed with colic if they cry intensely for more than three days a week, for more than three hours in a day, and for more than three weeks in a month. A paediatrician should be consulted whenever a baby is suspected to have colic to rule out any other health issues that may be causing distress.

Traditional Treatments for Colic

Traditionally, many parents of colicky babies have used a variety of herbal remedies to cure colic. Any herbal supplement should be approved by a health care professional before being given to a baby, and there is no clinical evidence that these remedies actually work.

Other treatments for colic include changes in the mother’s diet for breastfed infants, feeding with special formulas, and special techniques for cuddling the baby. Pacifiers, white noise, and extended periods of rocking have also been recommended as potential treatments for infant colic. Simethicone has been a popular treatment for generations, but even these gas relief drops have mixed results.

Colic and Probiotics

Probiotics are supplements of the beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms that live naturally in the human digestive tract. Doctors and scientists have been studying different strains of probiotics since the early 20th century. Scientists are currently researching the role of probiotics in treating or preventing a variety of ailments, including lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and possibly even preventing colon cancer.

In 2015, The American Academy of Pediatrics released a study which looked at the effectiveness of probiotics vs. simethicone in treating colic. Half of the colicky babies in the study were given simethicone daily, and the other half were given a daily supplement of the probiotic L ruteri. The researchers found that L ruteri improved colic symptoms within one week on average, and by day 28 of the study 95% of the babies receiving the probiotic had improved, compared with only 7% of the babies receiving the gas drops.

L ruteri can be found in certain types of yoghurt and probiotic supplements. Although the exact mechanism for its treatment of colic is not yet understood, these studies are promising. Parents are advised to discuss any treatment options, including the use of probiotic supplements, with their child’s paediatrician before use.

Vitamin C – More Than a Common Cold and Flu Remedy


Vitamin C intake protects the body against the harmful effects and physical distress brought on by disease. It is also known as L-ascorbic acid or L-ascorbate.

Vitamin C Supplements and Dosage

It is best to consume vitamin C supplements preferably as organic capsules in small doses twice daily. The body will eliminate the majority of vitamin C taken as ascorbic acid.

Capsules buffer the ascorbic acid with calcium or another mineral reducing its acidity. Esterified ascorbic acid (Ester-C) levels absorbed by white blood cells, the bloodstream and body tissues are higher than measured levels of standard ascorbic acid.
Taking as little as 60mg will prevent scurvy, a disease resulting from low levels of ascorbate. The recommended vitamin C level in the United States is 45 mg daily, and in Russia it is 125mg. Previously it was thought the maximum daily dose should be 2,000 mg, however Dr Patrick B. Massey, M.D., PhD recommends an intake of approximately 5,000 mg buffered ascorbic acid daily according to the December 26, 2010, issue of the Daily Herald.

Common Cold and the Flu Remedy

The vitamin C complex increases white blood cells which fight off virus and bacteria. Colds and flu symptoms improve the intake of 2,000mg to 2,500mg of vitamin C every six hours.
Ascorbic acid, a natural cold and flu remedy, boosts interferon levels. Interferon is an immune-system antibody coating cell surfaces protecting against viral entry. It is a natural antihistamine acting on cold and flu symptoms; watery eyes, nasal and chest congestion.

Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Conditions

Lower the chance of heart attack by ingesting 6,000 mg of vitamin C daily with lysine, an essential amino acid. Lysine repairs tissue and builds up muscle protein. Lysine-rich sources are yeast, red meat, potatoes, milk, lima beans, cheese, eggs, fish, and soy products.
Vitamin C increases the strength and elasticity of blood vessels, preventing bruising and haemorrhages, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are lowered.
vitamin c food supplements
Cancer Treatment and Tumor Control

Vitamin C is a natural remedy for cancer pain. The vitamin C complex fights cancer growth, prohibiting invasion into the surrounding tissue, bloodstream or lymphatic system.
Ascorbate increases collagen, a body protein needed for cell walls, blood vessels, ligaments and connective tissues. Collagen confines the cancer cells to one area in the body. Vitamin C with the amino acid lysine, retards protease, the protein-dissolving enzyme which spreads cancer.

“Consider cancer. Would our cellular structure be tough enough to resist this kind of invasion more effectively if our collagen could draw on ascorbic acid production comparable to that of other mammals?” asks biochemist Irwin Stone in the article “The Vitamin C Mania – Why all Those People are Gulping all Those Tablets” published in LIFE Magazine and written by Paul O’Neill.

Alcohol and Cigarettes

Both alcohol and cigarette smoking deprives the body of vitamin C. To cure a nasty hangover, re-hydrate with plenty of water, and replenish ascorbic acid as Ester-C.
A resolution to quit smoking benefits from replenishing low vitamin C levels. About 500mg of vitamin C is lost by smoking one pack of 20 cigarettes.

Haemoglobin and Iron Deficiency

Taking vitamin C assists the body with the absorption of iron.

Haemoglobin in the blood requires iron, folic acid and ascorbic acid. When iron supplements are taken for anaemia (iron deficiency), the body takes vitamin C from the white cells and blood platelets. Vitamin C levels in the body then fall drastically low.

Benefits for Stress and Surgery

The vitamin C complex is needed for the increased metabolic demands placed on the body through emotional or physical stress; childbirth, disease, heat stress and surgery.
Anti-ageing and Longevity

Vitamin C is the best anti-ageing product. Ascorbic acid deficiency over a long period of time contributes to age-related degenerative illnesses. Ascorbic acid increases mental alertness, decreases broken bones, reduces wrinkles, fights fatigue, cataracts, glaucoma, increases energy and ameliorates vertebral-disk lesions.
Topical vitamin C serum’s ability to build up collagen reserves results in one of the best skin products.

vitamin c food supplements 1
“Look at the ageing process. Many of the symptoms of ageing are the symptoms of scurvy protracted over a long period of time … Would humans live, say 150 – would a man of 60 looks like a man of 35 do? No – if we had adequate lifetime supplies of ascorbic acid? Joint disease? Circulatory ailments?” professes Stone in the same article above.

Vitamin C Complex – Ascorbic Acid and Bioflavonoids

“There’s something about an orange that’s better than taking a vitamin C capsule. It’s the particular mixture of antioxidants in an orange that makes it so good for you. We’re looking for synergistic effects – cases where the effect of two or more antioxidants together was stronger than the sum of them separately,” said nutritionist Tory Parker in the article “Oranges Better Than Vitamin C Capsules” published in The Post Chronicle.

Antioxidant and Bioflavonoid Sources

Vitamins A, C, E beta-carotene, carotenoids, bioflavonoids and selenium are all classified as antioxidants. Rose hips contain large amounts of bioflavonoids and vitamin C.
Bioflavonoids such as rutin enhance the body’s ability to metabolize ascorbic acid. Bilberries, the European blueberry, are a rich source of routine. along with cherries, white grapefruit, grapes, apples, kale, red onions, onions, garlic, spinach, green cabbage, cranberries, and pears. Citrus fruit pulp and grated peels are rich sources of the 4,000 different bioflavonoids.
Take vitamin E, beta-carotene and ascorbic acid together for maximum benefits. Vitamin E is best metabolized with selenium. Seeds, vegetable oils, and grains are important sources of vitamin E and garlic contains selenium. Carrot juice is a rich source of beta-carotene.
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Camu Camu and Other Vitamin Rich Foods

Citrus fruits, berries and green vegetables are important sources of vitamin C. The Kakadu plum, Camu Camu, rose hips and garden cherry has the highest sources of ascorbic acid. One orange contains 70mg vitamin C and a grapefruit 79.1mg.

Side Effects

Do not stop taking large amounts of vitamin C suddenly. This results in a rebound effect – a drastic decrease in vitamin C levels. If pregnant, do not take large amounts of ascorbic acid. After birth, the baby will be deprived of this source, and experience a rebound effect.
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Diabetics should advise their doctor about high vitamin C supplement intake. Blood tests and medications for diabetes may be affected.

Vitamin C is an Important Vitamin

Individual dosage vary depending on lifestyle. The human body cannot produce its own ascorbic acid. It is necessary to eat rich vitamin C food sources daily. A person under stress from disease, or post-operative surgery, requires additional boosts of vitamin C, a super nutrient. Humans cannot survive without vitamin C, an essential nutrient.