Cow Parsnip – Branca Ursului – Treating Infertility In A Natural Way

Branca Ursului UK

Cow Parsnip is known as one of the most efficient natural remedies in Romania against infertility, its benefits being proven by scientific research. Cow Parsnip (in the UK) – Branca Ursului has antiseptic properties, comparable with synthesis medicine used to treat sterility and impotency problems. Tea from this plant is also a remedy for sterility, impotence and frigidity, but also for women’s infertility.

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Branca Ursului in the UK- A Possible Infertility Treatment?

Branca Ursului UK

Branca Ursului UK in its Romanian name, (Hogweed or Cow parsnip in the UK), is one of the most beneficial natural remedies in treating hormonal problems. It is one of the most reliable natural sexual rejuvenating options, often compared with Ginseng. It is recommended both as a treatment but also as an aid in ’emergency’ situations. This is valid mainly for men who don’t want to be embarrassed after drinking too much, or after taking an extended break from sexual activities ;).

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Why Natural Aphrodisiacs are An Alternative to Modern Medication


It is a desire of most men to somehow find a wonder medicine boosting their virility and sexual performance naturally. This desire has led mankind to try herbs and spices that work as natural aphrodisiacs since immemorial times. Even though there is no scientific evidence to prove that these natural substances help in treating sexual problems, they have been used by mankind since ages in different cultures. There are many different problems pertaining to sex such as impotence or difficulty in arousal (erectile dysfunction), premature ejaculation, or decreased libido in women. Different herbs are used for different sexual problems.

boost sexual performance naturally 1
Viagra is a drug that has become very popular across the world as a wonder drug to treat sex-related problems. But its side effects have also led people to look for natural substances with the same effect. A natural aphrodisiac is a naturally occurring substance that is capable of arousing sexual desire. The reason why mankind searched for plants to treat sexual problems was that these plants had virtually no side effects. Today, with the increasing difficulty of accessing Viagra through NHS and with the fake products that are sometimes sold as legitimate medicine, it is normal for people to look for viagra natural alternatives.
boost sexual performance naturally viagra natrual alternatives


Without a doubt, Ginseng is one of the most popular natural aphrodisiacs around the world. Used by millions of men and women around the world to treat the problem of reduced sex drive, Ginseng is considered very effective by common people and experts alike. Ginseng is a herb first known in China and Korea.

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Today, those herbs are grown in different parts of the world and used by companies to manufacture natural pills. In a recent study, Korean red ginseng was given to menopausal women and a significant increase in their sexual arousal was noticed. Ginseng also helps men in overcoming the problem of erectile dysfunction. Many people choose to boost their sexual performance naturally using Korean Ginseng, in the form of pills, natural remedies and even tinctures.
boost sexual performance naturally korean ginseng

Horny goat weed

This is a plant that helps in increasing libido both for men and women. As the name implies, this plant gained notoriety when it was noticed that goats became sexually aroused and indulged in sex when they accidentally ate this weed. This natural aphrodisiac from China is today grown all over the world and used by companies to manufacture pills treating sex-related problems. With regular intake of horny goat weed, women are able to overcome their problems of low sexual desire. The Horny Goat Weed has been known to boost sexual performances naturally both for men and women with the same efficiency.
boost sexual performance naturally horny goat weed


This is a wonder herb from Mexico that has gained popularity as a powerful, natural aphrodisiac. It has been used as a sex stimulant by men as well as women since ages. It is believed to be especially effective in treating impotence or erectile dysfunction associated with emotional problems. For men dealing with the problem of ED because of anxiety, Damiana proves to be a very effective aphrodisiac. It is equally effective in the case of women who are experiencing low sex drive or are not able to achieve orgasm because of depression or any other emotional problem.
boost sexual performance naturally Damiana


This is a powerful aphrodisiac for women. It is being used since time immemorial as an Ayurvedic medicine to treat sexual problems. The name of this gerbil aphrodisiac is derived from a plant with hundred roots. It takes care of the reproductive system of women and works to improve their sexual health. Regular use of this herb provides boundless reserves of energy to women. This herb works well even in the case of men if it is taken in conjunction with Ashwagandha.
boost sexual performance naturally Shatavari pills

Cow Parsnip

The roots stem and leaves of this herbaceous plant have been used by the natives as a natural aphrodisiac for ages. The tincture made from the large leaves of this plant is believed by many to treat the problem of low sexual desire among men and women. Visit the SHOP for this natural treatment, where you can find it as Branca Ursului or Cow Parsnip tinctures and tablets.
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The good thing about these and many other natural aphrodisiacs is that they are derived from plant sources and are thus 100% safe and natural. One can safely consume these herbal aphrodisiacs without any health worries. These products are also available over the counter and one does not need a prescription form a doctor before starting on any of these natural aphrodisiacs. The same cannot be said about Viagra and other such allopathic drugs made to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction.