Natural Fertility Tricks, Tips and Supplements


Another month passes and you end up with the same question: ‘Why can’t I get pregnant? After ovulation kits, calendars, lubes and …stress, if you don’t see any improvements and you are not ready to seek medical help, here are some natural remedies and easy solutions that may help you to conceive.

Studies concluded that 20% of couples are not able to conceive during a year. Even if the rate of success is pretty high, the rate of infertility raises especially in developed areas; therefore it is one of the major problems in UK as well. Even if NHS and private clinics may help couples looking for the best way to get pregnant, natural remedies approved by your GP can only help.

Fertility problems
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Natural Alternatives for Viagra


Erectile dysfunction is not something to joke about. This problem with one of the most important organs of our body in terms of mental health and…happiness; it is also a possible sign of a cardiovascular disease.

Don’t ignore your couple problems

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Besides the masculine ego, the ability to ‘lift it up’ is important for you and your partner, and generally for the family. If things are not OK in bed, you can choose to ignore problems saying that ‘there is something important to be solved before that’, such as a problem at work or raising money for a holiday.

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Ignoring intimacy problems can be one of the causes of embarrassment in your couple. It was told that sex means 90% of your relationship when it is not good, but only 10% when it is. Men, especially those aged 35 to 45 are going through a period named ‘andropause’, when the level of ‘erotic’ hormones such as testosterone and the hormone of growth start to decline in production.

Pharmaceutical alternatives

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Best natural alternatives to Viagra

L-Arginine: this amino-acid becomes important in periods of trauma or stress. Usually, the body produces it in sufficient quantities, but in times of stress, including trauma, the body stops making it, and this is why supplementing it is important.

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At the same time, when arteries go through what is named endothelial period and can’t dilate sufficiently, supplementing L-Arginine may correct this affection by regulating nitric oxide, increasing the fluidity of the blood This solves cardio-vascular dysfunctions, including the erectile one. Studies about L-Arginine proving that can help reverse the process of degradation of the erectile function. Combined with Cow Parsnip Tinctures or Pycnogenol, it has enhanced effects. Pycnogenol: this substance is amazing and it offers a large gamma of benefits for health. There are 80 proven uses of Pycnogenol. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, it is an enhancer for other treatments but can be considered as a treatment itself. Ginseng: this Asian weed was used for many years for increasing longevity and…the duration of making love. There are many studies showing that some types of ginseng are useful for treating and preventing erectile problems. Maca – this South American remedy is also food, known for its contribution to increasing fertility both in men and women. It has a contribution to the general level of health for patients with light potency problems. Green Tea – green tea prevents embarrassing problems by diminishing the instalment of arterial sclerosis in the cavernous body of the penis, improving the erectile function and the vascular health.

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Sport – one of the best methods for improving self-esteem and sexual vitality is the sport. A study from 2009 showed that lack of exercise contributes to erectile dysfunction problems. A sense of humour – a life lived with a negative attitude, especially added to a medical affection will not influence sexual life positively. A study showed that people watching comedies suffering from dermatitis benefited from an improved sexual life. A combination of those will probably not have the immediate effect of an expensive pill, but in the long term, they will help you to delay the moment when you will actually need those pills.

Medicines that may affect your sex drive

Antidepressants may be the cause of major sexual dysfunctions unless prescribed with the goal of treating these conditions. The selective inhibitors of serotonin are associated with the sexual function, but unless prescribed by a doctor, antidepressants may have an inverse effect on erectile dysfunction problems.

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Branca Ursului in the UK- A Possible Infertility Treatment?

Branca Ursului UK

Branca Ursului UK in its Romanian name, (Hogweed or Cow parsnip in the UK), is one of the most beneficial natural remedies in treating hormonal problems. It is one of the most reliable natural sexual rejuvenating options, often compared with Ginseng. It is recommended both as a treatment but also as an aid in ’emergency’ situations. This is valid mainly for men who don’t want to be embarrassed after drinking too much, or after taking an extended break from sexual activities ;).

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