Natural Fertility Tricks, Tips and Supplements


Another month passes and you end up with the same question: ‘Why can’t I get pregnant? After ovulation kits, calendars, lubes and …stress, if you don’t see any improvements and you are not ready to seek medical help, here are some natural remedies and easy solutions that may help you to conceive.

Studies concluded that 20% of couples are not able to conceive during a year. Even if the rate of success is pretty high, the rate of infertility raises especially in developed areas; therefore it is one of the major problems in UK as well. Even if NHS and private clinics may help couples looking for the best way to get pregnant, natural remedies approved by your GP can only help.

Fertility problems
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Natural Alternatives for Viagra


Erectile dysfunction is not something to joke about. This problem with one of the most important organs of our body in terms of mental health and…happiness; it is also a possible sign of a cardiovascular disease.

Don’t ignore your couple problems

natural supplements remedies 1

Besides the masculine ego, the ability to ‘lift it up’ is important for you and your partner, and generally for the family. If things are not OK in bed, you can choose to ignore problems saying that ‘there is something important to be solved before that’, such as a problem at work or raising money for a holiday.

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Ignoring intimacy problems can be one of the causes of embarrassment in your couple. It was told that sex means 90% of your relationship when it is not good, but only 10% when it is. Men, especially those aged 35 to 45 are going through a period named ‘andropause’, when the level of ‘erotic’ hormones such as testosterone and the hormone of growth start to decline in production.

Pharmaceutical alternatives

natural supplements remedies

Best natural alternatives to Viagra

L-Arginine: this amino-acid becomes important in periods of trauma or stress. Usually, the body produces it in sufficient quantities, but in times of stress, including trauma, the body stops making it, and this is why supplementing it is important.

natural supplements remedies 1

At the same time, when arteries go through what is named endothelial period and can’t dilate sufficiently, supplementing L-Arginine may correct this affection by regulating nitric oxide, increasing the fluidity of the blood This solves cardio-vascular dysfunctions, including the erectile one. Studies about L-Arginine proving that can help reverse the process of degradation of the erectile function. Combined with Cow Parsnip Tinctures or Pycnogenol, it has enhanced effects. Pycnogenol: this substance is amazing and it offers a large gamma of benefits for health. There are 80 proven uses of Pycnogenol. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, it is an enhancer for other treatments but can be considered as a treatment itself. Ginseng: this Asian weed was used for many years for increasing longevity and…the duration of making love. There are many studies showing that some types of ginseng are useful for treating and preventing erectile problems. Maca – this South American remedy is also food, known for its contribution to increasing fertility both in men and women. It has a contribution to the general level of health for patients with light potency problems. Green Tea – green tea prevents embarrassing problems by diminishing the instalment of arterial sclerosis in the cavernous body of the penis, improving the erectile function and the vascular health.

natural supplements remedies 2

Sport – one of the best methods for improving self-esteem and sexual vitality is the sport. A study from 2009 showed that lack of exercise contributes to erectile dysfunction problems. A sense of humour – a life lived with a negative attitude, especially added to a medical affection will not influence sexual life positively. A study showed that people watching comedies suffering from dermatitis benefited from an improved sexual life. A combination of those will probably not have the immediate effect of an expensive pill, but in the long term, they will help you to delay the moment when you will actually need those pills.

Medicines that may affect your sex drive

Antidepressants may be the cause of major sexual dysfunctions unless prescribed with the goal of treating these conditions. The selective inhibitors of serotonin are associated with the sexual function, but unless prescribed by a doctor, antidepressants may have an inverse effect on erectile dysfunction problems.

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Branca Ursului in the UK- A Possible Infertility Treatment?

Branca Ursului UK

Branca Ursului UK in its Romanian name, (Hogweed or Cow parsnip in the UK), is one of the most beneficial natural remedies in treating hormonal problems. It is one of the most reliable natural sexual rejuvenating options, often compared with Ginseng. It is recommended both as a treatment but also as an aid in ’emergency’ situations. This is valid mainly for men who don’t want to be embarrassed after drinking too much, or after taking an extended break from sexual activities ;).

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Indian Celery- Eight Amazing Benefits You Can Get From It

indian celery benefits

Indian celery comes with many health benefits and a lot of people are not actually aware of it. However, prior to moving to these benefits, let us first know more about celery. Well, it is a plant and is being consumed as a vegetable. It is an integral part of the Indian and Eastern European cuisine. You can actually eat this plant raw or cooked, but you should first try it cooked by an experienced hand. If you are lucky to find such a skilled cook, you will definitely find out why celery is good. So, let’s jump into the health benefits of Celery, the Asian name of the common UK hogweed or cow parsnip.

1. Blood pressure reduction- Indian celery contains phthalides that are organic compounds and works well for lowering the stress level and the hormones in your blood. It even lets your blood vessels to expand, which gives the blood wider room to move. Keep in mind, whenever the blood pressure is reduced, it puts lesser stress on the whole cardiovascular system, reducing the chances of you having atherosclerosis. Thus, there’s no need for you to worry about having a stroke or a heart attack.
2. Cholesterol reducer- eating celery every day could help to reduce the LDL or the bad cholesterol that clogs your arteries. The phthalides found in Indian celery stimulate the secretion of the bile juices, which work for reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. Keep in mind, less cholesterol would mean lesser plaque on your artery walls. The fibre in Indian celery works for scraping out the bloodstream and for removing it from the body through bowel movements.

indian celery benefits

3. Antiseptic- Indian celery reduces the levels of uric acid, so it is used commonly for its diuretic properties, which means that it also stimulates urination. Thus, this herb is simply good for those people who have bladder disorders, cystitis, kidney problems and other similar conditions.
4. Enhanced immune system- the Indian celery is very rich in vitamin C. Thus, it works great in boosting the strength of your immune system. It is actually stimulated by the activity of other antioxidants in the plant. By simply eating in in a regular manner, it could help in reducing your risk of catching up common colds, as well as protecting you against any sort of diseases.
5. Eases asthma- vitamin C in celery also helps in preventing the free radical damage and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that could surely lessen the severity of the inflammatory conditions, such as asthma.
6. Diuretic- both in potassium and sodium and these minerals assist in regulating the balance of the bodily fluid. Potassium even acts as the vasodilator, which reduces the blood pressure.
7. Cardiovascular health- since it has a notable presence of fibre, vitamin C and other organic chemicals along with its roots, Indian celery works perfectly for your cardiovascular health.
8. Migraine relief- coumarins are also present in Indian celery, and that they could provide amazing and faster relief from migraines. The exact mechanism is not understood. However, the research points to the destruction of the Nitric Oxide being released in the brain that causes migraines and headaches.

The product might have benefits on weight loss. Celery seeds are used for a long time to prevent heart diseases and it is a good source of vitamins.

The benefits of celery are amazing, so why not include them to your daily diet and enjoy the healthier version of you?

If you are looking for the celery extract benefits, you can look for Branca Ursului, which is the same plant. Both of them are known in their country of origin for their benefits as natural remedies.

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How Herbs Can Be Beneficial To Your WellBeing


These days, most of the new herbal remedies promoted on modern channels have been in existence for centuries, in a time where drug companies did not exist and expensive medication was not really an option. Most of the time, herbs were used to treat health conditions and other issues. The only thing is that, since more money gets pumped into the pharmaceutical companies’ pockets, one would barely hear about the natural and yet, cheaper medicines available from our ancestors.

herbal remedies 1

Herbs, such as Hogweed, cow parsnip, Indian rhubarb, Indian celery and Pushki are pretty much beneficial to your body. As a matter of fact, these herbs are not at all pricey, and will never ever provide any adverse effects to your body. However, prior to touring you around the benefits of these herbs, it’s also essential for you to note that not all of the herbal remedies are safe for the long-term usage. There are also some limitations, such as for pregnant and lactating women, among other things.
herbal remedies 2
Thus, the benefits of using herbs are definitely many, but the most essential one is that you’ll surely be using natural remedies, as opposed to manufactured drugs. You’ll get the chance to save money in the process. The drug companies continue to offer their customers drugs that cost pretty much, and it’s becoming an epidemic. Apart from this is that the compensation for these doctors whenever they prescribe medicines to their customers is pretty high. It’s definitely no wonder that things have already gotten out of control.
herbal remedies 3
In case you’re looking for a cheaper, yet effective way on how to enhance your mental, physical and even your emotional health in the most natural and holistic way, then these herbs mentioned above would be ideal for you. These herbs can be found anywhere, and you could even get the chance to plant and grow them in your own backyard or garden. It doesn’t really matter where you put them, these herbs are not at all hard to find.

Since they are herbs, they are natural, you are free to consume them anyway you like, or find helpful recipes on the internet. For certain, there are also thousands of other people who have the same interests as yours, so you can join forums and get to know more about the benefits of these herbs to your body and wellness.

herbal remedies

Would you rather spend a big amount of money on your medication, when there’s actually a natural and holistic way to cure or treat yourself? Never again put your life and health at risk, get your very own Hogweed, cow parsnip, Indian rhubarb, Indian celery and Pushki herbs, grow them, consume them, make a tea out of them and live healthier than ever. Keep in mind, these herbs are pretty much powerful, in a way that they could cure cancer, and prevent you from any other diseases, by making your body more resistant to the common problems that people have today.

Cow Parsnip As The Best Alternative Medicine You Can Get


Whenever you’re looking for natural medicines, or alternative treatments, something in which you is not anymore required to spend a lot of money for, it would be ideal for you to get Cow Parsnip. Medication from the natural sources of the world is highly ideal, especially, these days, for which many people are prone to diseases and other health issues. You don’t want to poison yourself more with the chemical-based medicines, right? Well, at some point, it could treat your underlying problem, but not its root cause.

natural remedies

So, if you’re looking for something that is far more effective, without even costing you too much, give yourself the chance to get to know more about Cow Parsnip and use them.

As a matter of fact, you could just plant them in your own garden, or anywhere, as long as there is a healthy soil and give yourself a natural medicine for life. However, what is cow parsnip and how can is it beneficial for you and your health?
The cow parsnip grows with about three or four large rug sand spread-wings, leaves, lying often on the ground or even raised a little from it with round and long hairy foot-stank under it, which is also divided into five. The two couples are standing against each other, and there’s one at the end and each them almost round, yet indented at the edges in some leaves, but it cannot be so deep in others.
Cow parsnip has this whitish-green colour and has a strong smell, and springs this crusted, round and branched at the top, where the stand large umbels of white and reddish flowers. The root is also long and white, with three or more long strings that grow down the ground, providing that pungent smell.
On the other hand, this herb has been medicinally used and found to be effective. Its root is a good medicine for toothaches, once it’s directly placed into the area. As a matter of fact, you could use a tincture of the seeds or roots. It is simply less irritating to the gums than the cloves. The seeds and roots are being used as the antispasmodic to the intestinal tract. In case you’ll be using it in your tea, make sure that it’s been dried first.
If you always get nauseous, this tea would work perfectly for you, not to mention that it also helps in treating acid indigestion and heartburn. For the stomach aches, the essence of the seeds would be effective. A drop or two would work perfectly. However, if you’re a pregnant woman or a nursing one, you need to make sure that you don’t take this for the safety of your child.
So, what are you waiting for? If you want to cure your disease or illness in the most natural way, away from any adverse effects that modern medicines have to offer, finding yourself these miracle cow parsnips would be ideal. You can always look for herbalists, as they could be selling one.

Heracleum Sphondylium – Cow Parsnip and its Hidden Benefits


Heracleum Sphondylium is the scientific name of a plant family belonging to the genus Heracleum Maximum. Its genus reflects the fact that all parts including the leaves, the stem, and the flowers are of enormous size.

It is a herbaceous plant that is biennial in nature and belongs to the umbelliferous family. While the genus of the plant is named after Greek hero Hercules, its species name is Sphondylium that means vertebrate or having a segmented stem. Heracleum Sphondylium is the botanical name but this plant which is found all over Europe and North America on the road verges. It is commonly known as hogweed, cow parsnip, or simply common hogweed.

The reason why it is called hogweed is because of its use as fodder for pigs. It loves to grow quickly in most places and mountainous regions in nitrogen-rich soil. It is commonly used for manufacturing food supplements that can be taken without a prescription as an aid for fertility and impotence conditions.

Heracleum Sphondylium characteristics

This plant can be seen growing along the roadside and in the ditches with home garden owners scurrying to remove this plant as soon as they see it growing inside their gardens. This is because of the ability of sap of this plant to cause an allergic reaction such as rashes and blisters on human skin. Also, the fact that this plant grows quickly and towers over other plants in the garden makes people go for its removal.

Heracleum Sphondylium

However, hogweed is a very good herbaceous plant to have in your garden if only to cover empty places. Its large leaves and flowers become a centre of attraction in your garden. Its flowers are in the form of a flower bed that is flattened at the top. There are many flower heads in this flower bed and each head is made up of several tiny white flowers, each containing 5 petals. You will find the flowers of this plant attracting lots of bees and butterflies because of a nasty scent that they produce. A single stick of the flower bed of this plant is enough to spread a vanilla-like fragrance in your room if you keep it in a vase.


In many parts of the world, Heracleum Sphondylium is considered a natural aphrodisiac. The leaves and roots of the plant are converted into a tincture form that is used to treat various sexual problems. Many companies sell tablets made from the extract of this plant that is used by people to boost their sexual energy. In Romania, the extract of this plant is used pretty much like ginseng which is a very common herb used for strength and vitality.

Aerial parts of this plant are used to make a tincture that is used for the treatment of general debility. As the sap of this plant can cause burns or rashes on the skin, you must take care when trimming or cutting the stem. Also, do not use the plant for medicinal purposes if you are not sure about its identity. It is a good idea to have your plant checked by the experts before trying its parts for medicinal purposes.

Giant Hogweed Heracleum Mantegazzianum confusion

The plant is commonly used in Eastern Europe in manufacturing natural extracts such as capsules and tinctures. It is one of the most popular plants used since antiquity as an aid in treating a large number of problems, most of them connected with impotence and lack of sexual appetite.

Cow Parsley is a beneficial plant used for tinctures and capsules designed to improve the general wellbeing of the body. The young shoots of the plant look like a common flower, but they grow really fast and can reach heights of 2 meters and more.

It is known as a natural aphrodisiac and has blood vessels dilating effect. People use Heracleum Sphondylium extracts to treat anxiety, infertility, and even as an aid for treating STD’s.

In the UK, people can buy this product from Naturemedies, and it can be taken without a prescription. Even if the product is most popular with Eastern European customers, UK consumers started to understand the benefits of Heracleum Sphondylium and to buy this product online with trust.

Make sure to consult your GP before taking any food supplements. Do not replace any medical treatment with Branca Ursului or other plant extracts. Even if the products we promote are less known in the UK, people from other parts of the world use them for a while in treating medical conditions.

Myth and Legends about Cow Parsnip – Indian Celery in UK


Have you heard stories about people getting blisters from the sap of a plant called Cow Parsnip and being afraid whenever they see it along the roadside? Many people are scared of this plant growing in their gardens, as they consider it as a being a dangerous weed. However, even though many relatives of the family to which Cow Parsnip belongs to are poisonous, Common Cow Parsnip or Indian celery is a completely safe plant to grow in your garden, especially for its importance as a natural remedy in the UK. It is a biennial plant that grows very quickly and towers all other plants around it. If you have one in your garden, you must keep an eye on it and cut it often, as it can grow tall and strong.

indian celery 1
Cow Parsnip is or Wild Parsnip is often mistaken with its dangerous ‘cousin’, which is giant hogweed heracleum mantegazzianum. The flower cluster of this plant might cause skin irritation, but the common hogweed must not cause this skin reaction in any case.

The common Cow Parsnip belongs to a genus called Heracleum Maximum that comes from the word Hercules. This reflects the size of this plant. Not only this plant grows up to a great height (nearly 7-8 feet), but it also has very large leaves (16X12 inches). The flowers of this biennial plant are also very large, with a flowerbed consisting of many umbels that are themselves made up of several tiny white flowers. These flowerbeds attract butterflies and ladybugs in your garden and they also leave behind a sweet vanilla fragrance.


Where can you find Cow Parsnip in the UK?

Cow Parsnip is also sometimes referred to as hogweed. It is a plant that grows commonly across the UK. You probably have seen it on the side of the road while driving in the humid areas of Scotland, but it is also common in other parts of the UK. You also see this plant growing across borders of fields and on close top ditches. This plant grows pretty quickly and loves to have some room and spoil, which for Hogweed, is moisture.

cow parsnip plant

One scary feature of this plant is its hairy stalk that is also ridged. It is interesting to note that in early times, natives ate Cow Parsnip after peeling its stalks. If you see an unusual swelling along the stem, there is nothing to worry as it is a bud that will convert into a flower bed when the time comes. These swollen regions can sometimes become as large as an orange before bursting out, becoming a flowerbed. The flowerbed is flattened at the top and looks like a compound umbel. The flowers of Cow Parsnip look similar to those found in the carrot family of plants.


Every single umbel in a flowerbed consists of lots of tiny white flowers. Each of these flowers is made up of 5 petals. You can pick off one of the umbels through the stem and place it in a vase to see the beauty of these white flowers, besides getting the fragrance of vanilla in your room. It is not just the flowers but also the large leaves of Cow Parsnip that make it a centre of attraction.

If you consider taking food supplements extracted from this plant, please consult your doctor even if it is a food supplement. Naturemedies products are not designed to cure or treat any disease, and they do not replace any medical treatment.

Our food supplements are safe to taken and usually without any side effects. However, please consult your doctor immediately if you feel unwell after taking any kind of plant extracts.

Cow Parsnip: Why It Has Such A Bad Name – Difference from Giant Hogweed


Cow Parsnip is a name used for more than 60 species of perennial plants belonging to the genus Heracleum. This flowering plant is native e to North America and garden owners consider it a weed as it is invasive in nature and grows very quickly to tower other plants. One of the most known species of Cow Parsnip is the Giant Hogweed. It is important to know what makes the difference and why cow parsnip vs giant hogweed is not the same thing.

It is really a tall herb that can grow to a height of up to 7 feet. The fact that all parts of this plant including the leaves, the stem, and the flowers are big is reflected in the name of its genus that comes from Hercules. Giant Hogweed is different from the common Cow Parsnip (Indian Celery), which is used for making traditional food supplements.

cow parsnip vs giant hogweed

Cow Parsnip vs Giant Hogweed: What we should know

Giant Hogweed is a plant known for its ability to cause blistering and irritation on the human skin. It is because of this ability of this plant that most garden owners consider it as a weed and try to get rid of it as soon as they see it inside their gardens.

However, Cow Parsnip or hogweed, as it is also known as, is not a weed but a plant that normally grows along the roadside or in drainage ditches. It is rarely seen growing inside nurseries as a weed. The fact that there are many related plants with Cow Parsnip that scare people when they identify it in their gardens.

cow parsnip vs giant hogweed 1

The visible characteristic of this perennial plant is its large flower head that looks like an umbrella consisting of lots of tiny white flowers. You can easily cut off one of these flower heads and place it inside a vase in your room as this flower head has the sweet smell of vanilla. These flower heads are a source of attraction not only for ladybugs but also for butterflies. You can let this plant to grow in your garden if there are no butterflies in your garden and you are desirous of seeing them.

Cow Parsnip vs Giant Hogweed: Differences

The lifecycle of Cow Parsnip is small and the plant lasts for only two years. But the good thing about this plant is that it reseeds itself and quickly and grows even before even the parent plant has died. If you are looking to fill up a corner of your garden, you can safely choose Cow Parsnip. The leaves of this plant are huge by any standards as they can be more than 15 inches long and more than 12 inches wide. Every leaf is actually a group of three leaves with 2 basal leaflets and one terminal leaflet. Margins of the leaves are lobed and serrated.

cow parsnip vs giant hogweed 2

What looks scary to many people is the very hairy stalk of Cow Parsnip. It is also a little bit ridged besides being hirsute. Another mysterious feature of Cow Parsnip happens to be its buds that seen in the shape of swellings on its stem. These swellings are at times as big as the size of an orange. When this bud finally gets converted into a flower, it is seen in the form of a compound umbel. Each of the umbel contains several tiny white flowers.

While Giant Hogweed is poisonous and hust be avoided, cow parsnip or branca ursului extracts can be used as natural viagra and as food supplements. Many people consider those as the cheal viagra you can buy as natural remedy. As long as you consider it a food supplement and consult your GP, you can be sure of the benefits they will bring to your wellbeing and sexual life.